Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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ReShade preset using the Magic HDR shader to simulate a cinematic "HDR" effect. Low performance impact!

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(Updated for version 2.0)

Download the newest version of ReShade at Home (
Launch the ReShade Setup file and select "Click here to select a game and manage it's ReShade installation"
Find "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (sekiro.exe)" in the list of games that pops up and select it
Select "Direct3D 10/11/12" for the rendering API
Check the boxes for the shader packages you need to install which are:

SweetFX by
Insane-Shaders by Lord of Lunacy
FXShaders by luluco250

Copy my preset file "Sekiro HDR 2.0.ini" into the Sekiro folder, wherever you have game folders installed on your PC.
Launch the game and hit the Home key to pull up the menu for ReShade. It might have you go through a tutorial so just click through that. Once you have access to the menu select the drop down bar at the top and select Sekiro HDR 2.0.ini from the list.
Make sure you have the ingame brightness set to the default setting (5)

And you should be good to go!

Update history:

1.1 - Fixed a bug I found with the original shaders used. Replaced with 2 different shaders and rearranged shader order to fix overly bright areas.

1.3 - Completely fixed ALL color banding problems, and has better contrast/colors. Overall effect is much more accurate.

2.0 - Simplified the shader setup and tweaked some things for ReShade 5.0 builds because the preset no longer looked like the screenshots. Results in boosted contrast/colors and an even lower performance impact!