Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro: Resurrection is a complete overhaul of the base game.
This mod was made for players, even veterans who wish for more content after beating the game.

This mod will offer in the future:
New and unique minibosses
Expansion of pre-existing minibosses
Enhancing all Bosses
Enhancing all Enemy Encounters&a

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese

This mod is constantly playtested and is under **HEAVY BETA**. It is UNFINISHED, please be sure to check the changelog!


** This mod is lore-friendly and is made to be utmost faithful to the original game direction**

**Items and miniboss names are going to have "?npcname?" as that is the placeholder. I do not have text but will implement it later.**


-This mod is going to touch on almost every single combat aspect of this game.

-I plan on reworking minibosses, adding minibosses, reworking bosses, and even maybe adding new bosses similar to the inner variants.

-Combat encounters will be changed and player interactions will be rebalanced to allow for more viability with most prosthetics and combat arts.

-New items and mechanics will be available as well.

I will be releasing big patches on Nexusmods, but if you follow the official Resurrection discord, smaller and more frequent patches will arrive there earlier.

Official S:R Discord:

Here's how to download and install the mod!

-Download the Resurrection mod
-Download Sekiro Mod Engine
(Please make sure to have the newest versions of both mods, especially the mod engine!)

2. Extract the contents of the Sekiro Mod Engine into the main game directory.

3. Make a folder called "mods" (without the quotations)

4. Now extract the contents of the Resurrection mod into your newly created mods folder located in your game directory.

The contents within the "mods" folder should look like this!

The contents within the Sekiro directory should have these highlighted files!

* YOU DO NOT NEED "modenginecrash.log" or "readme.txt", EVERYTHING ELSE IS REQUIRED *

If you are having additional trouble, you can contact us at our discord!

CREDIT OF EXPLANATION: DuolingoVictim and knightghemphus on the Discord