Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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About this mod

A merge of mods that enhance the experience of Sekiro.

Permissions and credits
As of the Author's Choice version, this a drag and drop install. The other files require Sekiro Mod Engine to be installed separately.

This includes the following

Clean Default Sekiro-All Metal Prosthetic arm (Clothes and Arm only) by Sonsabitch
Japan Vegetation Enhanced edition by RagnarofKlausenburg   [Version 1.0]
Blood decals (Less Blood version) by PinoIsReading   [Version 1.0]
No Tutorials by TKGP
No Annoying Pop Ups (Consumables only) by jasonjulias
Spirit Emblem Capacity Upgrade by Yohnnny
Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee by jasonjulias
1-Hour Divine Confetti by choongjing
Remove Annoying Sounds (Option D ;D ) by Dziggy
Sekiro Proofread - Translation Fixes and References Restored by noptasis

Note, Sekiro Proofread is outdated and results in some missing text. If you don't want to experience that, or do not play with English subtitles and/or with Japanese voices, just go into the mods folder and delete the msg folder.

I did not make these mods, nor did I create any of the assets in them. Everything is credited towards the respected authors.

This was put together using UXM and Param Assembler.