Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Emma in the theme of a Geisha. Shamisen included!

Permissions and credits
A long, overdue project that got scrapped for a couple years, decided to finally finish it. I gave Emma a geisha makeover, cause why not. Please note the skin only applies to NPC. I don't have any plans for a player re-skin, sorry.

WARNING - if you are using any other Emma mods (like my Emma's blade mod or the Emma player skin replace mod) while using this mod, the textures from those mods will most likely override geisha emma's modified textures. 

Other Known/Potential Issues
  • Cutscene emma's clothing material looks slightly different than in-game Emma. 
  • I haven't tested every single cutscene with this mod, so there may be some issues I'm unaware of.

How to Install

1. Ensure you have the Sekiro mod engine installed. You can grab that here
2. Once the mod engine is in place, simply place the both the chr and obj folders into your mods folder (create if not already existing). 

Special thanks to:
ForsakenSilver  -  FLVER Editor
TKGP  - UXMMTD Editor and Yabber apps