Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Change Wolf's injury and death grunts with Sephiroth japanese ones from Dissidia NT.

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I'm not a big fan of simply import the model from one game to another and say "hey, I'm playing with X character in this game".

For me characters have to be completed and need to be in the same game for me to apply a mod to play as then in the main campaign.
Ex: play as Wesker in RE5 main game. For me it's not enough just swapping Chris's model with Wesker's. NO! I want his voice, grunts, animations and melee skills that he have in Mercenaries. And I'm also not happy with playing as him in RE6 as just a model swapped over Jake.

BUT for some reason I'm having a blast playing Sekiro with Victor_Gopher and Forsakensilver's Sephiroth mod to replace Wolf.
Even if it's just the model from FFVII Remake it is so well made that I even started playing from a clean savedata.

So I've decided to "perfect" this mod as best as I could. We can't give the Masamune a proper hit box or it would always collide with the ground, can't make Sephiroth left-handed, etc...
Since the only thing I could do was to give Sephiroth his voice, well... that's what I did!
Recorded some clips of Dissidia NT with japanese audio in my PS4, edited and replaced all Wolf's voice with then.
Sometimes when he dies he'll say I'll... never be a memory before you revive on the spot.

Oh, I also took the liberty to include a main.fsb file compatible with Zullie the Witch's Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound mod for the ones, like me, that use it.
The .mp3 files that I've created to make this mod are also included if you want to customize the way you want.

Enjoy/have fun! :)

Version 1.2: New version to be compatible with Sekiro patch 1.06
Version 1.1: added a dialogue voice for Sephiroth when executing deathblows.
Special thanks to brianscott0 for giving me a clean deathblow sfx file.