Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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This mod adds the Chronos game mechanic from Katana ZERO to Sekiro.
Slow down time with the press of a button, attack almost instantly and dash at a very high speed.

Permissions and credits

If you've played Katana ZERO or just always wanted to practice that perfect parry timing, this mod is for you.

  • Slow time with the press of a button
  • Instant Attacks featuring cool SFX
  • Fast dashes

  • Heaven or Hell mode: One hit for every nonBoss character (including the player) currently BROKEN FOR 1.06
  • Erratic slash SFX
  • Bullet Multiplier - multiplies every spawned projectile in the game by a configurable amount
  • Customizable Chronos colors (including rainbow mode)

   The latest version features an exhaustion mechanic for spamming instant attacks
   After a full combo of attacks without pausing between attacks, Sekiro sheathes his sword for about 0.3 seconds
   This prevents abusing this mechanic on bosses and keeps the game a challenge
   You shouldn't notice this feature unless you rapidly spam the attack button for extended periods of time
   You can turn this feature off under [CONFIG]

How to use:
  • Install cheat engine (v7.2 or greater)
  • load the table you downloaded
  • start Sekiro and load your character
  • click the box next to [OPEN] in the loaded table (no need to attach it manually)
  • click the box next to [KATANA ZERO MODE]
  • (OPTIONAL): Customize settings under the [CONFIG] header
  • to activate the mod click the box next to [CHRONOS]
  • tap the attack button to perform a hyper speed slash
  • press the dash button and a split second later press attack to instead perform a super dash (if you attack, you pressed it too late)
  • press R3 or 1 to activate chronos time slow (you can customize this under [CONFIG])

How to use: challenge mods
To enable a similar oneHit experience to Katana ZERO, use the following setup:
enable x Shot damage, x Slash damage, oneHit non Boss chars and leave the boss hp multiplier at 5
this lets you oneShot every nonBoss mob and get onShot by most enemies while still requiring the same amount of hits on Bosses
(currently there is no good way for we to distinguish between normal and boss npcs taking damage)
(BROKEN for 1.06)

Settings are found under [CONFIG] read once when you activate [CHRONOS] so if you change any of them de- and reactivate the script
  • Keyboard Key Chronos - Sets the keyboard key to activate CHRONOS
  • Controller Button Chronos - Sets the Controller key to activate CHRONOS (note: all buttons are used by the game)
  • Enable Instant Slash
  • Enable Slash SFX
  • Enable gravity slow - This option slows down gravity and any movement (for min slow speeds of 0.2 or higher you might want to deactivate it atm)
  • Enable Player move during stopped time - dont slow the player (this option and enable gravity slow are mutually exclusive)
  • TIMER_INTERVAL - time in ms the script checks for button inputs, also affects how fluid the transitions are
  • Activation Step Multiplier, Withdrawl Step Multiplier - speed at which all time slow effects activate
  • Maximum blue brightness - maximum brightness of the blue chronos outline (set to 0 to deactivate)
  • Minimum Brightness - minimum brightness during time slow
  • Chronos Counter Maximum - maximum at which the slow effect stops
  • Minimum slow down speed

If you have suggestions for better default settings, feel free to post a comment.

This mod supports controller input as well as keyboard , but most of the time I used a controller to test it 
it ignores mouse click attacks while a controller is connected

The mod currently does not aim to be balanced, but i might add a few features that change this in the future

This mod should work with every currently existing Sekiro mod
So far ive tested it with the Sekiro Debug Menu and mods using modengine

This mod only works with the Steam version of the game

Updated for Sekiro Version: GOTY 1.06

Future Work:
Implement Bullet deflection:
While not impossible, this feature is very difficult to get working well without disrupting the gameplay

Implement Dragon mode
very difficult but possible

Why CE:
This makes it easier for me to write and debug this mod at the same time and also lets me distribute it as source code
Since its interpreted you dont have to trust some ominous binary.
I might rewrite this mod at a later point in C++ so it can be installed using a dll similar to some other Sekiro mods.

I put way more time into this than i originally intended, but i think the result was worth it
hope you have fun playing :)