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An unofficial mod to add PvP and co-operative play to Sekiro.

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A mod that adds unofficial online features to the game.

As with all FromSoftware games, Sekiro is a unique experience; What gives the game an entirely different feel is the lack of an online mode, this mod aims to emulate that to the best of my ability. The PvE experience is akin to playing Dark Souls with 5000 ping.

I am currently reworking the mod from the ground up, ready to bring it out of beta. It's unlikely I'll have this done before the official Sekiro update in October.

If you enjoy my mods, and would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee here.

There is also a discord for the mod, feel free to join and have a chat:

What is it?

As the title suggests, this mod adds both PvP and co-operative play to the game - I've tried to make it as familiar as I can to Souls games' online mode, but as I'm not a professional game development company, it's not going to be exactly the same.

What it isn't, is an identical online experience to the Souls games, I've been working on this as a pet project for the past couple of months, and have nowhere near the skills and resources to completely duplicate flawless online play.

The mod is in an early public beta, so do expect bugs/crashes/instability, but also regular updates and patches. Please note that network progress is SYNCED, so even if you're a dark spirit/phantom, and the boss dies, this will also apply to your world. Boss deaths/progress has no effect on matchmaking.

The mod itself runs purely on P2P connections, there is no central server.


  • Support for up to 6 players (1 host + 5 phantoms)
  • PvP - Make use of your prosthetic tools and combat arts to defeat your opponents, grapple through the world and snipe each other out of the air.
  • Co-op - Play through the game with friends, approach enemies and bosses with a different style and finally beat the game as the summoner class.
  • Invasions - Enter an unsuspecting person's world as a spirit of vengeance, and fight to the death.
  • Simplified matchmaking - Invaders and phantoms will always be adjusted to the player's local level, to try and increase the available player pool. For example if you have 40 attack power, and your opponent has 1 attack power, they will hit you as if they have 40 and you'll hit them as if you have 1.
  • You can't pause the game.

When the mod updates, older versions will be unsupported. (e.g. you can't use v1.00, and match with someone playing v1.01)


You'll need to start a new game, then your character will spawn with 4 new items, these do not replace other items in the game:
  • Cursed Emblem
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Coward's Bell
  • Spirit Essence

You can play online anywhere, but it's area restricted (so you can't invade someone at Ashina Castle from the tutorial area). Sessions will also end as soon as you change areas. You can play online in the tutorial area, but I don't recommend it because it can bug out and softlock you.

To play:
  • Create (host) a session -  Use the "Cursed Emblem" item. Once you've done this, you cannot stop hosting until you either quit or die.
  • Invade a session -  Use the "Vengeful Spirit" item
  • Co-op - The host will need to create a session, then invite you to their game through the steam friends list.
  • Leave - Use the "Coward's Bell" item

  • F1 - Gesture 1
  • F2 - Gesture 2
  • Home - Request activity list (Tells you how many active sessions there are)
  • Caps - Toggle ON/OFF the invasion timer (Similar to Dried Fingers in Dark Souls)
  • Tab (hold) - Display current session information


Simply download the files from here, extract and move the contents of the folder and put it into your "\steamapps\common\Sekiro" folder (where your sekiro.exe is located, shown below)

To uninstall, remove the files you downloaded from this directory.

Known bugs:

  • Crashes, and unstable sessions
  • Sometimes, if you death-blow a dead enemy, you can get frozen in place and be unable to move
  • You can't mikiri counter players
  • Bullets don't home into players properly, so you have to guess where they are coming from
  • Some boss cutscenes will freeze everyone in the session but 1 player, who will have to fight the boss alone
  • Some in-game events might teleport every player in the session to the host, or bring up pop-ups for everyone


Q) Does it work with non-steam versions of the game?
A) No, sorry. My main focus for the mod is on legitimate steam copies of the game, and I have no plans on looking to make it compatible from any other source.

Q) Can you add X, or change Y?
A) I'll look into it, make a post about it or send me a message and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as I can.

Q) Can I play with people without the mod?
A) No, both people need this mod to be able to play online.

Q) What have you done to stop cheaters?
A) There's no anti-cheat, and no server for bans. If someone is cheating get away from them, and use the steam block feature so they can't join you again. I can manually ban people from the matchmaking, so if it's a real problem then please record evidence and send it to me, but I don't anticipate it to be an issue. 

Q) I've found a bug/crash!
A) Feel free to make a bug report/post. Please read other reports carefully to see if your issue has already been reported.

Q) What about bloodstains/messages/ghosts?
A) That would require a central server. I don't have the time, money, or experience to make something like that, sorry.

Q) Can I use other mods with this one?
A) If you want, to use mod engine you'll probably have to do some research but apart from that you can. Costume packs/models/animations/param changes will not be sent to other players with this mod, I could look into that later but it's very unlikely. That being said if you want to do a co-op run with a friend with a bunch of random mods then go for it, but obviously please don't use a mod that just gives you infinite health or whatever. 

Q) Can I see the source code?
A) Maybe, one day, but I'm reluctant to do so with the track record of malicious cheaters in souls games. I'd rather not have people running around with modified copies of the mod, and being able to connect with legitimate users.

Special thanks

Huge thanks to Enlisted, Loki, and Unfairest for all the help testing the mod, and suggesting and testing features.

Special thanks to Pav, for helping with design features, and with bug fixes/testing/suggestions.