Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Improves visuals by increasing level of detail of textures and objects and eliminating pop in.

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What it does

Increases values in LodParam and GrassLodRangeParam to increase object and texture level of detail and reduce pop in.

There are two options currently: doubled or tripled LOD values.

How to install

To install, you will need Mod Engine by Katalash:

Once you've set that up, simply unpack the mod in the Mods folder created by Mod Engine.

If you want to merge this with other mods, you will only need LodParam and GrassLodRangeParam from my mod.


Unfortunately, Sekiro uses a number of different mechanisms to render the game world. The immediate area that the player is in is rendered using high detail assets which use a LOD system which can be edited using param values to increase (or decrease e.g. for performance) the distance at which low detail assets transition to high detail assets.

Further away areas are rendered with low detail assets using an entirely different system. These low detail assets do not appear to have LOD variants and cannot be edited using param values.

I think what this means is that until a modder works out how to edit the maps themselves and replace the low detail assets with the relevant high detail assets e.g. by merging different parts of the map, there is no way that I'm aware of to increase the level of detail more distant parts of the map are rendered in. Most of the time this is okay, because the low detail assets are generally only used for distant vista etc. but there are a few areas of the map where this can be an eyesore unfortunately.


LOD will generally be CPU-bound.

2x appears to have minimal performance impact. I have not seen framerates go below 60 fps, so most mid to high range systems should be able to manage 60 fps.

3x has a modest impact - there are occasions when framerates dip into high 50s on my system.


Big thanks to:

- From, for making this awesome game.
TKGP for Yabber and UXM, and for helping me understand how the game engine works and the limitations on current modding possibilities.
katalash for Sekiro Mod Engine.