Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Play as the Frozen King himself, inside the bounds of Ashina.

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This is the first version of my Lich King mod for Sekiro, expect better textures and further improvements down the line (such as glowing eyes, other features and a normal map for more texture detail).

This mod works in cinematics, but also requires a custom mtd file which contains materials from DS3 and BB.

If you already have a modified mtd that uses all the materials from DS3 then you don't need to change this.

UPDATE: You defeinitely need to include my mtd in this release due to a custom material being added. New version includes better textures and a glow effect. Next up: better rig and more texture fixes.

UPDATE 19/02/2020: Hugely improved rig. Armor looks solid, no stretching on the shoulders, no stretching on the chest or the buckle piece. Cape feels better. Improved textures, denoised and fur has been improved with new HD fur graphics (will be improved upon further later). The seperation of each mesh has vastly improved file size and efficiency which now allows me to further improve textures and create new alternate editions in the future such as Arthas the Fel Lord, King Arthas! Lich King of the molten core etc... Please watch this space, more will come with new mesh improvements and better hair and eyes.