Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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About this mod

Replaces Sekiro's injury sounds with Emma's injury sounds, the ones you hear when battling Emma, The Gentle Blade in the Shura ending before fighting Isshin Ashina. Rise up for waifu Emma!

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces Sekiro's original injury sounds with Emma's injury sounds. In this mod, Emma's injury sounds are the ones you hear after Sekiro damages Emma, The Gentle Blade in the Shura Ending. I've tried to vary the injury sounds to the best of my ability and I hope this comes out OK as this is my first time modding in any game. I've not seen any mods that replaces Sekiro's injury sounds with Emma's, and it also goes without saying Emma is one of my favorite waifu so I've decided to learn how to mod and do this myself and share with everyone in the community!

To use this mod, first download Sekiro Mod Engine from HERE. Then, go to your Sekiro directory and find a folder named "mods" and simply copy the folder "sound" into the folder.

This sound mod works fine with any other mods that do not alter the sound file. As seen in the video showcase, I am using Emma's model, Emma's sword, and the Boss Rush mod. Obviously, I highly recommend using this mod together with Emma's model and Emma's sword for the best Emma experience.

Tools that I've used:
- UXM to unpack all files.
- FSBExt to decrypt the files for editing.
- FSB Audio Extractor to create .wav files from decrypted files.
- Dark Souls Sound Inserter to replace Sekiro's sounds with Emma's.

Leave a comment if you've found any issues with the mod.

Credits to the modding community in Discord for their help (, as well as other Emma mods included above that makes it possible for me to find the motivation to learn and complete my waifu dream. Cheers!