Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Prosthetic tools with sword enchantment switching from mid fight/Jump. Added Divine Sakura SKY Jump Lightning Reversal

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just a simple mod that makes the prosthetics buffed so that i don't have to cycle thru items just to buff my sword from mid fight. i really enjoy switching from fire sword after poisoning my kill. so maybe someone would also enjoy this. 

Fix some bugs where divine dragon won't die
Removed Lightning Throw on Aged Mist Raven (i dont like spamming that skill much but feel free to download the old files)
Added Divine Sakura High/Sky Jump Reversal Lightning Throw on Divine Abduction
Makes Lightning Throw Reversal effective on almost all enemies 

How to use Sakura High Jump:
1. Equip and activate Divine abduction, it will burst some wind/Sakura leaves
2. Quickly Jump after activating Divine Abduction to ride the wind

How to use Sakura SKY Jump :
1. Equip and activate Divine abduction, it will burst some wind/Sakura leaves
2. Release the Divine Abduction buff, it will burst some wind/Leaves and clouds
3. Quickly Jump to ride the wind

How to use Sakura High + SKY Jump :
1. Equip and activate Divine abduction, it will burst some wind/Sakura leaves
3. Quickly Jump after activating Divine Abduction to ride the wind
4. Release the Divine Abduction buff "Mid-air", it will burst again some winds, Leaves and clouds
5. Quickly Jump again to ride the wind to the sky!

WARNING:  Sakura Sky Jump is very High and you may fall off the map if not used properly

Some issues when you fight sword saint, if you use the Sakura jump during the fight, the BG music gets to stop.. i dont know why or how to fix it.. just try to fight him fair and square.

UPDATE 8 (I hope its final)
Fixed Mortal Blade Slash Distance
Fixed Black Mortal Blade Slash Distance (added Heal upon Slash hit)
Fixed Lightning Slash Distance (same distance as Lightning reversal but for normal attacks)
fixes some other bugs.
hopefully this is the last.

Fixes some sword buff bones so it stays with the sword when sheathed.
Lightning Reversal throw will rebuff your sword. 
other fixes i don't remember.
i really need to stop updating this.

Another OPTIONAL Files:
Added "Divine Dragon Reversal Lightning Throw" on Aged Mist Raven Prosthetic Buff (Both Sabimaru/MortalBlade Sword Length Buffs)
Yes you can use this anywhere you want. just jump then slash that sky with lightning Throw to anyone.
please tell me if anything goes wrong.. 

Added optional mod for people who use "mortal blade mods" as Main weapon to extend the FX on the edge of the sword so it doesn't look weird/Short when buffing your swords. you can still use this on other swords mods as long as they are the same length 

added Empowered Black Mortal Blade (Malcontent whistle)
Fix some Sword Bones to fit some buffs correctly
added Lightning Storm Ambiance for my Lightning blade
Added Burn Surrounding Ambiance for Okinaga's Flame Vent
Buff Duration extended from 45 sec to 1 minute

Fix some sword skills not intended to use with mortal/lightning blade
added bigger empowered mortal blade slash
Rebalances some attributes.

Black Slash for mortal blade now works(replaced blood Slice Long reach.)
Mortal Blade Buffs Restores HP on Hit
Lightning Blade Remade for better animation with Lightning normal Slash like the reversal and with Long reach of course 
some fixes there and that..
some items add more quantity like gourds and buffs. 
homeward function with 1 sec snap
Spirit Emblem quantity increased by prosthetic tool upgrades.


Added Empowered Mortal Blood Blade on Sen Throw
Removed Blood Buff Then Replaced it with Mortal Blood Blade
Changed Lightning Blade for better idle/Hit FX
Update Mist Sword Buff Idle/Hit FX


reduced spirit emblem costing for some skills/prosthetics
Mortal Blade Buff - more blood hit
Aged Mist Raven - Lightning Buff
- i didn't used the sword lightning fx because its really hard to fight when something is flashing too much in your face..
  instead i added a Lightning fx on Slash hit. also you can paralyze enemy with this buff BUT some enemy dont get stun/paralyze if they dont use thunder atk.
 and also i didn't put the lightning reversal because its way over powered if you spam it in the face of a monster..
fixes some bugs
bestowal animation for mist/poison/blood fix


Loaded Shuriken - Mortal Blade Buff (no big slash Effect for now..)
- Effects pointed to swords.
- Blood Buff now uses Blood Jutsu animation
- Mist Sword animation updated
- Flame, Poison & divine FX update

Heres the modded list of prosthetics:

Sen Throw - Empowered Mortal Blood Blade

Loaded Shuriken - Mortal Blade Buff
Phantom Kunai - Mist Sword + 30% Posture Damage
Lazulite Shuriken - Divine Buff + Terror Gourd

Shinobi Firecracker - Divine Buff
Spring-load Firecracker - Mortal Blood Blade Buff
Long Spark - Fire Buff + Fire Gourd
Purple Fume Spark - Divine Buff + Terror Gourd

Flame Vent - Fire Buff
Spring-load Flame Vent - Fire Buff
Okinaga's Flame Vent - Fire Buff + Fire Gourd
Lazulite Sacred Flame - Divine Buff + Terror Gourd

Sparking Axe - Fire Buff
Lazulite Axe - Divine Buff

Mist Raven - Mist Sword
Aged Feather Mist Raven - Lightning Sword Buff + Eel Liver
Great Feather Mist Raven - Fire Buff + Fire Gourd

Improved Sabimaru - Poison Buff
Piercing Sabimaru - Poison Buff + Poison Gourd 
Lazulite Sabimaru - Poison Buff + Poison Gourd 

Loaded Umbrella - Magnet - 20% Defense all + 20% Posture Def [Passive]
Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella - 20% Defense all  + 20% Posture Def + 40% Fire Def [Passive]
Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella - 20% Defense all  + 20% Posture Def + 40% Terror Def [Passive]

Divine Abduction - Divine Sakura SKY Jump Lightning Reversal
Double Divine Abduction - Mibu Pilgrimage [Passive]
Golden Vortex - Mibu Pilgrimage [Passive]

Spiral Spear - Mist Sword + 20% Posture Damage
Leaping Flame - Fire Buff

Finger Whistle - Mist Sword + 25% Posture Damage
Mountain Echo - Mortal Blood Blade Buff
Malcontent - Empowered Black Mortal Blade Buff

Notes for param Assembler and merging to another mods:

"~\param\gameparam\gameparam.parambnd.dcx" - Modded Tables
- AtkParam_PC
- Bullet
- EquipParamGoods
- EquipParamWeapons
- SpEffectParam
- SpEffectVFXParam

"~\chr\c0000.chrbnd.dcx" - Required for bone/Dummy  Re-Alignment 
"~\sfx\sfxbnd_commoneffects.ffxbnd.dcx" - Required for FX usage

special thanks to the community modders here 
thank you so much :)