Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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In-game/cutscene compatible accessories for characters in sekiro for a more complete cosplay.

Permissions and credits
A step up from my previous couple mods sheathe repositioning mods. Compared to my other two mods, this mod will not exhibit the same oddities both in-game and in cutscenes. The accessories in this bundle should be cutscene compatible and won't disappear during certain actions (as far as I know).

Note that the accessories (except the sword, already sized down) have been sized down to be proportional to the player's body size. 

Sword Saint Isshin Cosplay Accessories

These accessory bundles include:
  • Matchlock pistol
  • Spear
  • Black Mortal Blade (sized up, hitbox extended thanks to buddy97)

Note that these accessories are designed to be used with ApolloHoo's Sword Saint Isshin player replace model.

In addition to the accessories, I've also made a Sword Saint Isshin Fun Param which includes:
  • All Prosthetic Spears and Sen Throw (cause Isshin's a rich dude) = 0 emblems to use
  • Dragon Flash and Ashina Cross skills = 0 emblems to use
  • Homeward idol uses snapseed animation (this will be standard in all my fun params)

Genichiro Cosplay Accessories

These accessory bundles include:
  • Genichiro's Bow
  • Genichiro's arrow quiver (new)
  • Genichiro's sheathe in the actual spot behind his waist
  • Genichiro's sword (sheathe mesh removed) - hitbox extended to match length of sword (thanks to buddy97)
  • Invisible Mortal Blade (so it doesn't clip into the bow)

Note that the accessories (except the sword, already sized down) have been sized down to be proportional to the player genichiro skin.
Also note that these accessory bundles are designed for ZullieTheWitch's genichiro skin 1 (normal form) and genichiro skin 2 (way of tomoe form). 

I've included accessories for his normal form, way of tomoe form, and way of tomoe form with black mortal blade. 

Genichiro Skins
You can download the Genichiro skin 1 and 2 from ZullieTheWitch's costume pack

Isshin Skins
You can download the all variants of Isshin's models from ApolloHoo's Costume Pack 2

Invisible Prosthetics
Not required, but if you feel like this cosplay or any other cosplay when using prosthetics feel out of place on their left arm, check out MrBlackjack's Broken Ookami Mod as he's included invisible versions of all prosthetics. Highly recommended for cosplays of any kind!

Special thanks to:
buddy97 - Normal Form sword/sheathe cosmetic from his Genichiro's Katana mod (latest version). Black Mortal from his Weapon pack 2 mod
ZullieTheWitch - Genichiro skins
ApolloHoo - Sword Saint Isshin skins

forsakensilver for his FLVER Editor
TKGP for his UXM and Yabber apps

Known Issues

  • There might some funny movements with the quiver and the sheathe (one example is the slight jerk motion when entering guard stance). There may be some others I haven't seen yet.

How to Install

1. Ensure you have the Sekiro mod engine installed. You can grab that here
2. Download the player replace skin of choice and add them to your mods/parts folder (create folder(s) if needed).
3. Download my accessories bundle files for any of the accessory bundles and replace the Zullie's files of the same names that's already in your mods/parts folder (requires game restart if already active)
4. For the fun params, add the param folder into the mods folder (likely requires game restart if already active).