Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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The ancestral sword of the Izuma Ninja from the Tenchu series - now in Sekiro

Permissions and credits
To compliment VergilFox's Rikimaru retexture, I decided to do a couple swords that resemble his sword in teh Tenchu games. There are two versions of the sword: Tenchu 2 look and Tenchu 3 look (why they changed the design in the 3rd installment I have no idea. As far as the looks of them go, I tried to get them relatively close to how they appear in both games.

Rikimaru Retexture Mod
Not included with this mod.

Unfortunately, the mod author has marked this particular mod as hidden. If you don't already have it, I'm afraid you're out of luck. You'll have to wait for him to make it public again. However, the outfit textures he used for the outfit are from ThorinnC's Ashina Ash Retexture Outfit

Invisible Prosthetics
Not required, but if you feel like this cosplay or any other cosplay when using prosthetics feel out of place on their left arm, check out MrBlackjack's Broken Ookami Mod as he's included invisible versions of all prosthetics. Highly recommended for cosplays of any kind!


Known/Potential Issues
  • If you noticed your modded weapons aren't showing up properly, try quiting the game completely then restarting it again. If you had the game loaded and were at the title screen and didn't have any kusabimaru/mortal blade replacements in your mods folder when you loaded the game up, you will have to do a restart. 

How to Install

1. Ensure you have the Sekiro mod engine installed. You can grab that here
2. Once the mod engine is in place, simply place the parts folder into the mod's folder (create if not already there) - this is found where sekiro.exe is located

Special thanks to:
buddy97  - Loneshadow Ninjato sword base
VergilFox - Rikimaru retexture mod
ForsakenSilver  -  FLVER Editor
TKGP  - UXMMTD Editor and Yabber apps