Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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thataverageasian x Eyedeability x Bingfei

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Giving the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst the texture makeover he deserves and more.

Permissions and credits

So it looks like that some modder's have been notified that character replacement models from other games (I'm not sure if this includes ANY model swap, even if its a character from Sekiro) will be removed from Nexus. While I haven't been notified yet, I imagine this could be removed. I'm just giving you a headsup. Download this mod while its still available!

1.1 Update

Fixed the bug where the player's crowfeather kimono cape messes up SSI's kimono.


So first of all, this mod is a compilation of a couple of creator's existing mods. Huge thank you to Eyedeability and Bingfei for their assets that are used - they're the true heroes of this mod.

Model Sources

These are for non-commercial use only. Please respect the wishes of the awesome people who made this possible.

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE MODELS. All rights and ownership go to their respective developers listed here:
Sekiro model porting/modification credits/assets:

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst Player Replace Model
The textures needed a makeover which is the main reason why I decided to do this mod. The jacket I nuked the blue color to get rid of the blood (cause I always hated the discoloration). The armor is a bit shinier than it should be but I had alot of trouble getting to be like in Bloodborne so I just went with the shiny - makes sense for armor anyways. 

I've also added Bingei's altered SSI's kimono (which resembles a cape somewhat) onto the head model and removed the default crowfeather garb. I'll go ahead and say - the texture isn't great and could probably be done alot better (but I feel this is good enough, for now at least). 

If you don't like the physics cape, I've included a version of the Crow with just my texture updates that uses the default crowfeather garb of the original (attached to the arms like wings so they move with the arms).

The Chikage has also been retextured. I took Bingfei's Chikage Mortal Blade and converted it into a Kusabimaru replace. The process somehow extended the hitbox so hope you enjoy that bonus! I also retextured Eyedeability's Chikage - this one has the Kusabimaru hitbox (for anyone 

True Mist Raven Prosthetic Retexture
Alright, lets be honest, with it being raven related, the feathers should be a dark/greyish black. That's what I've done with this set of prosthetic retextures. Note that this does not change the color of the raven feathers on use animations (Not sure how to change those).

These are included with the outfits. 

Bloody Crow Fun Gameparam
I've also made a param designed to be used with this mod (its a fun param which means you'll get some OP benefits). The modifications to this are:

  • Unlimited Contact Medicine: Learned this from someone on discord - if you apply contact medicine on yourself, you can freely use the Mist Raven prosthetic WHENEVER. I also changed the animation to the snapseed use animation (finger snapping). Buff lasts around 30 seconds I believe.
  • Unlimited Mist Raven Prosthetic Uses: This prosthetic is fitting for the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst so why not have unlimited uses and have fun with it?
  • Unlimited Bestowal Jutsu Uses: To give the Chikage the bloody blade look from Bloodborne. Buff time is the same as usual. 
  • Unlimited Ashina Cross Uses: The chikage has a iai-type attack in BB, so figured this also made sense to have unlimited uses.
  • Homeward Idol uses Snapseed Use Animation: Just a bonus, note that this cannot be used underwater. 

Note that you'll need to exit the game, then place the gameparam in the mods folder and restart to see the changes. 

Bloodborne / Dark Souls 3 Material Pack
The crow and Chikage models use textures from this material pack. Not including them will cause texture problems and/or discoloration. Please download them from ForsakenSilver's DS3 and Bloodborne Material Pack

Invisible Prosthetics
Not required, but if you feel like this cosplay or any other cosplay when using prosthetics feel out of place on their left arm, check out MrBlackjack's Broken Ookami Mod as he's included invisible versions of all prosthetics. Highly recommended for cosplays of any kind!


Known/Potential Issues
  • The crow model has some rigging issues (this is also present in the original version), in particular, the left shoulder pad and gauntlet as well as the canteens on the right backside of the waist.
  • The Long Version Chikage will have issues with the buffs that add elements to the blade (e.g. Fire/Divine Confetti). The buff will show up on the tip of the blade to the tip of the hitbox (looks pretty cool if you ask me).
  • I tested the physics cape in a cutscene and for the most part, it seems to render fine (and retain its physics). There may or may not be issues with it in certain parts/areas of the game.
  • Blood splatters may not show up correctly on the Crow model/Chikage/Physics Cape.
  • Repeating this again, the Homeward Idol's snapseed animation CANNOT BE USED UNDERWATER

How to Install

1. Ensure you have the Sekiro mod engine installed. You can grab that here
2. Once the mod engine is in place, simply place the parts/param folder into the mod's folder (create if not already there) - this is found  where sekiro.exe is located

Special thanks to:
Eydeability & Tokami-Futo  - Crow Model / Chikage (Short Version)
Bingfei & ZullieTheWitch - Physics Cape / Chikage (Long Version)
ForsakenSilver  -  BB/DS3 Material pack and FLVER Editor
TKGP  - UXM, MTD Editor and Yabber apps