Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Wolf in an Okami Warrior inspired outfit/weapon set.

Permissions and credits
2.2 Update

Modified some textures on the outfit. Removed ugly bandages from arms (while keeping the bandage on the elbow for the prosthetic arm) and legs. I also removed the gold trim from the prosthetic arm (since it clashed with the red ropes). I've included the old arm in the Miscellaneous section if you like that one better over the new default prosthetic arm. I also upscaled the okami warrior's katana a little bit and fixed some of its textures - original design's normal map fixed to its original. Mortal blade also has some textures fixed.

2.1 Update

Cutscene support for the mortal blade (both red and black sheathe versions). This is only for the normal size mortal blade though. In addition, I've now added a Tachi style Kusabimaru (Okami Warrior Katana with Kusabimaru's grip/handguard). 

2.0 Update

HUGE UPDATE guys! The the head accessory is now CUTSCENE COMPATIBLE (as in it won't float away from Wolf in cutscenes now)! Completely made from scratch with help from Souvenir of Reprisal - you rock dude!

I also have fixed the bd_m_9000 (post-kusabimaru, pre-mortal blade body) - it was previously the same as bd_m_9040 (post mortal blade body). In addition, the severed arm file (bd_m_9020) is now appropriately colored, in addtion to the actual severed arm (obj/118400.partsbnd.dcx) - cause why not. 

Even more, I've added more color variants for both the Okami warrior katana and mortal blade. I've added my signature thinner mortal blade in the okami warrior theme colors too! Hope you enjoy this update!


My first outfit recolor! Patterns on shirt/pants and the purple color of the Okami Warrior Elites as well as their hat/mask accessory. Added some face paint to the mask and made it whiter. Also replaced the existing Okami warrior sword default blade texture and used one similar to vanilla Kusabimaru and made the overall sword slightly longer (no hitbox change).

Also note that in my pictures I've uploaded I'm using the Sekiro 2.01 Reshade Presets (technicolor disabled, along with some other ones) by mangekyoumadara1987

Two versions of my outfit for this mod (see pictures for reference):
  • Default Version - This version contains the prosthetic arm and bandages around the arm/leg guards
  • Alternate Version - This version uses the restored arm (bd_m_9010) as the main arm. This version I also took out the bandages on the arm/leg guards

Special thanks to:
Souvenir of Reprisal - for guiding me through the process of making the head accessory cutscene compatible. 

buddy97 - for the Okami Warrior Sword base (short version) AND the Kusabimaru mortal blade replace (edited sheathe version)

forsakensilver for his FLVER Editor
TKGP for his UXM and Yabber apps

How to Install
1. Ensure you have the Sekiro mod engine installed. You can grab that here
2. Once the mod engine is in place, simply drag the obj and parts folder into the mods folder where sekiro.exe is located (create mods folder if not already there)