Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Disables the music for normal enemy encounters while keeping boss fight music. Available options for mini-bosses and ambient music as well.

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I mean no hate on Sekiro's OST (I think it's fantastic at times and really fits the theme of the game), but after playing through this awhile, the generic fight music that starts playing whenever you get spotted starts to get tiresome.

So basically this mod just disables all that.
There is also an available option to disable all mini-boss or ambient music as well.

Boss themes are untouched and will still play as normal. (If they aren't playing, do let me know where!)


I extracted the sound files as .wav files and replaced the normal/miniboss combat music files with silent .wav files.
I then re-compiled and re-encrypted them as .fsb files. (The current format Sekiro uses)


1. Please first get and install Mod Engine
2. Download this mod (With or without mini-boss music, ONLY CHOOSE ONE)
3. Place the "sound" folder into your Sekiro mods folder that is set-up in Mod Engine (By default it's named "mods" so it should be like "mods/sound/")
4. Done!


Simply delete "sm10.fsb, sm11.fsb, sm13.fsb, sm15.fsb, sm17.fsb, sm20.fsb, sm25.fsb" from the "mods/sound/" folder.


What counts as a boss or mini-boss?

- Please see here :
Apparition corrupted monk in Mibu Village counts as a BOSS ! 

Will you disable the ambient music as well?

- I have added options for those. Be warned it can feel weird though!

Music at "insert place here" is not playing/still playing/doesnt work!

- Please let me know in the comments, i will try to fix it as soon as possible!

Is this mod compatible with other sound mods?

- As long as the other mods don't modify "sm10.fsb, sm11.fsb, sm13.fsb, sm15.fsb, sm17.fsb, sm20.fsb, sm25.fsb", it should be compatible. Most sound effect mods use main.fsb

What tools did you use to make this?

- I used FsbExtractor, Dark Souls Sound Inserter and Sekiro's modding discord!