Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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About this mod

Just a simple Injury voice replacement pack I was working on on and off for 2 months, I made this mod for players like myself that are using a female model replacement for the main character.

Permissions and credits
Main reason why I made this pack was because I Personally didn't really like the Bloodbourne female voice that noendpit uploaded. I found it too muffled and quiet. So I decided to make my own. Don't get me wrong though, I don't hate it or anything, Without that mod I would of never been able to make this one lol

All Voice clips and grunts are all in Japanese voice, Except 2B since I cannot find her Japanese voice files anywhere, She is the only one in this pack that speaks English, but it shouldn't sound out of place or too 'anime' with use with other languages.

This voice pack so far includes:

2B voice ripped from Soulcalibur 6
Taki Voice Ripped from Soulcalibur 4
Ayane Voice Ripped from Dead or Alive 4
Kasumi Voice Ripped from Dead or Alive 4
Young Knunoichi Voice Ripped from Soulcalibur 5

New Voices:
Ayame Voice Ripped by me from Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven
Rin Voice Ripped by me from Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
Marie Rose voice Ripped from Dead or Alive 5
2B (Japanese voice) Ripped by me from Soulcalibur 6

If you're wondering what the Young Knunoichi voice is, Its the "Serious Female" voice from the Character Creation in Soulcalibur 5, It's probably my favorite one I have made so far and I use it a lot myself since it suits most female models being posted here on the Sekiro nexus too.

The Voices from Soulcalibur series include a replacement for Wolf's panting sounds, While the Ayane and Kasumi voices do not.

The Taki, Ayane, Marie Rose and Kasumi voices where made to be used with
ranaragua's Knunoichi Project

2B voice mod was made for use with Forsakensilver's 2B mod that was uploaded by asasasasasbc

Ayame voice was made for use with Ayame mod from the Ultimate Character Collection Mod by Eyedeability
(Tenchu: 3 Wrath of Heaven's Enemy Knunoichi Japanese voice is coming soon)

I will be making a separate mod pack for male voices, this pack will only be for female voices, so please no more male voice suggestions and yes I will do them but not in this pack. Thanks.

I won't be adding anymore to this pack. I have moved on to make Bloodbourne Injury voices and then a Male voice pack due to requests. I wont be doing these straight away but they will come in the near future.

If you want a specific voice you would like me to add to a future pack let me know in a PM and if possible please provide voice clips that I can use or that I can get access to eg; A youtube video with actual ripped voice clips, like this one.


Enjoy the mods.

SEP 18th Mod Page Update:
Just if anyone is wondering what is taking so long for me to make the other voice packs, The reason is I have been currently focusing on DS3 modding since its more easier for me to make audio mods for it. Also a new souls-like game called Code Vein is coming out in a few days, which I am really eager to play so I want to make some time to play and complete that when it releases on the 25th of this month.

I will try and make at least the bloodborne voice mod by the end of the year. But I'm also busy with other things IRL that's more important then modding sounds that is taking up my time. so please keep being patient. Thank you. :)

----------------- How To Install:---------------

Install and configure Mod Engine as described on its page:

Then copy the sound folder itself from my rar file into your /mods directory. Done.


Taki preview: (Old video, made around the time I started this pack.)

My other mod: