Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Knuckles playermodel. Optionally add knuckles all around the map and meme sound mods.

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Welcome to my knuckles modpack. It contains multiple mods. You may install just one, or all of them:

-Knuckles playermodel, with talking and blinking animations. The spear mod bugs combat arts. To delete it: Inside mods/parts folder. Files named wp_* (weapon).
-Mod that replaces grass with knuckles, adding many around the map progression.
-Meme sounds, including ugandan mouth clicking sounds and other noises some people may find annoying. However, it is very recommended. Also adds custom loading screens.

Make sure to backup your mods folder before installation.

If you like, you can upload screenshots to this mod's page.

If you are annoyed by the sound mods, you may google how to enable loudness equalization on windows, or use any audio equalizer software.

Special thanks to:

skymoon for his modding tutorial
white for his dark souls 3 weapon replacements mods from which I grabbed the spear weapon
sekiro modding discord

To install a mod:

First install sekiro mod engine:
Then, extract the mods folder which you the root of your sekiro game location.