Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Base sword from Sekiro retextured to look like the Dragon Sword from the Ninja Gaiden series.

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Thanks to the Sekiro modding community I was able to extract the sword texture and repaint it in photoshop. 
I tried to mimic the aesthetics of the True form of the Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden. For the Dragon's Eye (originally fits into the hilt) I just painted the hilt bright purple, not sure if there's any way to make a emissive map for it thou. For the blade I added a purple tint to it just to make it look brighter.

DISCLAIMER: The black outfit is not mine nor is included in the file, this one will belongs to modder Skymoon, thank you! (

Installation procees:

1. Go and get Mod Engine for Sekiro, and follow instructions. ( Thank you katalash.
2. Copy "wp_a_0300.partsbnd.dcx" into the /mods/parts folder you've created in the previous step. (If you haven't created the "parts" folder inside the "mods" folder, now you know you need it for weapons and armor).
3. Done! Let's go and avenge the Hayabusa Clan!