Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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About this mod

Prepare your brain for the Sekiro Poorly Translated Edition mod, which replaces all text and voice files from Sekiro with their "poorly" translated analogues.

Permissions and credits
{ Description } 

This mod replaces all lines of text with those which have been run through a randomly generated sequence of translations selected from a large number of different languages. This mod also replaces all lines of dialogue with text-to-speech renditions of the corresponding text.

{ Pre-installation Notes }

This mod replaces the English voice files, so ensure you have selected English as the spoken language.

The mod is presented in the format of archives named "SSDT_PTE (Si).zip" (where i is a positive integer) and described by parameters [x,y1,y2,z] where:

  • x is the number of languages from which the translations were selected.
  • y1 and y2 are the minimum and maximum number of translations to which each input was subjected, respectively.
  • z assumes the value of 1 or 0 if repeated selection of any language in the sequence of translations is allowed or disallowed, respectively.

For example, [64,15,15,1] means each input was subjected to a sequence of exactly 15 translations, whose languages were selected from a total of 64 with repetition allowed (meaning any language could appear more than once in the sequence of translations).

Each archive is also associated with an identifier "(Vj)" (where j is a positive integer) of the mapping which corresponds text-to-speech voices to NPCs. Tables of NPCs and their corresponding voices as defined by the mappings (Vj) are given in Miscellaneous files as an archive named "SSDT_PTE (V).zip" containing text files "SSDT_PTE (Vj).txt" for each j.

{ Installation }

  1. If not done already, install Sekiro Mod Engine
  2. Choose, download and extract one of the archives given in Main Files into your Sekiro Mod Engine directory (default is "\mods") contained in your Sekiro installation directory (where sekiro.exe is located).

This mod adds (or replaces) files contained in your Sekiro Mod Engine directory as listed here.

{ Uninstallation }

To uninstall this mod, simply delete the files listed here.

{ Credits and Acknowledgements }

The creation of this mod would not have been possible without the following people and their associated creations:

{ Notes }

  • The introductory cutscene is unchanged with respect to sound.
  • If lines of text are longer than their original placeholders, they are sometimes cut short, and the same goes for cutscene voice lines.
  • The mod is presented in such a way that enables the creation and uploading of new translation seeds with different parameters and voice mappings.