Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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A custom version of the legendary Rikimaru from Tenchu

Permissions and credits
No one have permission to use and upload the assets contained in this mod without my consent, only for personal use is allowed. There was some modders that have violated the Credits and distribution permission and I had to denounce them to the steam staff. Please respect the work this community does.


As a huge fan of Tenchu saga, I decided to create my own custom version of Rikimaru for the imaginary world of Sekiro and I hope that all Tenchu fans enjoy this mod .

This mod replaces the entire model (Since v1.4)

UPDATE v1.6:

This update includes:

  1. A complete reconstruction of the top jacket for the coatless version
  2. A new improved belt for a better looking for the coatless version
  3. Some improvements on the right arm's rig

UPDATE v1.5:

This update includes a more authentic version of Rikimaru, showing up the entire right arm. 

Like the previous version, there are the same outfit variations:

Sekiro as Rikimaru v1.5 MASKED:

  1. Head masked version
  2. Coatless & Scarf

Sekiro as Rikimaru v1.5 NO MASK:

  1. No MASK version
  2. Coatless & Scarf

Sekiro as Rikimaru v1.5 MASKED & SCARFLESS:

  1. Head masked version
  2. Coatless & Scarfless

Sekiro as Rikimaru v1.5 NO MASK & SCARFLESS:

  1. No MASK version
  2. Coatless & Scarfless


1. Install Sekiro Mod Engine.
2. Decompress the .rar file and drag and drop the parts and mtd folders into the "sekiro\mods\" directory.

If you're using DS3 and Bloodborne Material Pack, replace the allmaterialbnd.mtdbnd.dcx with the one included in this mod.