Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Forsakensilver and BingfeiNEP

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Customize your Sekiro charater with these 8 sets of Dark Souls 3 attire!

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Customize player's model with these famous Dark Souls attire! There are 7 sets of attire in this pack, most of them . Different set's componets (helmet,armor,trousers etc.) are interchangeable and are compactible with Bloodborne customization pack ( and DS3 customization pack 1(, so that you can freely use any components in this pack to customize your shinobi!

Previous pack (pack 1):

Attire included in this pack 2 :
1. Firelink set
2. Drakeblood armor set
3. Faraam armor set
4. Painting guardian set
5. Catarina set
6. Eastern armor set
7. Vilhelm's set
8. Outrider knight set

All sets of attire were tested and work perfectly.

Notice: This mod does not contain DS3 weapons, if you want some original DS3 weapons, here are the urls:
DS3 weapon pack:


  1. Install and configure Mod Engine as decribed on its page
  2. Install  DS3 & BB material pack 
  3. Copy the files inside your chosen folder into your "mods/parts" directory (Do not copy the folder itself! Copy the things inside the floder to the"mods/parts" directory! )

Special thanks: TKGP, Zulie the witch, Katalash
They helped me figure out how to import DS3 armors without bugs.(Which is pretty hard!)

Author: 遗忘的银灵(Forsakensilver) & BingfeiNEP

(Chinese) (中文):



1.薪王套 Firelink set
2.龙血骑士 Drakeblood armor set
3.法汗套 Faraam armor set
4.绘画使者 Painting guardian set
5.洋葱骑士 Catarina set
6.东国武士 Eastern armor set
7.维赫勒 Vilhelm's set
8.征战骑士 Outrider knight set

1。安装只狼的 Mod Engine 
2。安装  DS3 & BB material pack 
3。复制你想使用的部件文件夹内的文件到你的 mods/parts 文件夹内。(请不要复制文件夹本身!)

DS3 weapon pack:

PS:  没有换装的宫崎老贼的游戏是没有灵魂的!虽然换装也不会增加防御力....

By遗忘的银灵 & 并非Nep