Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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After defeating Guardian Ape, you can get 3 kinds of weapons: Its huge head, a centipede and a worn katana.

Permissions and credits
Special Thanks to Forsakensilver(asasasasasbc)

Replace sekiro's weapons with three parts of Guardian Ape's model.

Kusabimaru → Worn Katana

3 Finger Whistles → Guardian Ape's Head

Mortal Blade → Centipede

Voice Effect of Finger WhistlesGuardian Ape's howl

Ver 1.1 Update:

Fix bones and hit box of worn katana and centipede


1. Install Sekiro Mod Engine.

2. After decompressing, drag these files "wp_a_0300.partsbnd.dcx", "wp_a_0310.partsbnd.dcx", "wp_a_0790.partsbnd", "wp_a_0791.partsbnd" into the folder "\Sekiro\mods\parts", and drag "main.fsb" into the folder "\Sekiro\mods\sound".