Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Finally, I made it before the ER DLC. Here's come a massive Characters & Bosses Reskin pack based on Bloodborne theme.

Permissions and credits
All Sekiro's appearances, Enemies and Bosses are reskined. Worked perfectly on cutscenes. No changed in gameplay sadly. 
I've tried most of the possibilities for each target in the game (except for some NPCs and Animals that I was too lazy to work on) to make all of them have a modern Bloodborne looking, or less samurai armour equipped.

Sekiro's main weapon is the Chikage from someone's mod that I think is not existed anymore. 
(File named is "Chikage Kusabimaru Replace-473-1-1569186866" so if anyone know whose mod is this pls tell me)

All Sekiro's prothetics are default. Cause once again, I'm lazy.
Sekiro default looking are Good Hunter Attire with Cainhurst Mask, reference on the mod name "Faith of Cainhurst".
Sekiro Gauntlet of Strength skins are modded also. Take u time to unlock and enjoy them.

Since I only worked on models, the dummies system for most of custom stuffs in this mod maybe looking weird.
Ex: Chikage Divine Buff dummies make the sword much longer than it look but might have no bonus range.

Everyone are welcomed to use my assets for their works as they pleased, just mention my name at least.
Any bugs and questions go in Comment Section. I'll look into it later.

Download the Sekiro Mod Engine before using my mod.
Download the file and just put the "mods" folder in game install directory.
There~ Ez right!?

Special thanks to all Old Hoonters:
TKGP for his hard works on the Souls Formats library.
forsakensilver for the FLVER_Editor and his Hunter's Combat achievements, which made my motivation for this work. (YES. I still using this old tool. Not the new one.)
Meowmaritus for DSAnimStudio.
Philiquaz for his DSMapStudio.
KEZ for his valuable Bloodborne Assets on Darksouls 3

Dropoff and foxyhooligans for their "ez but not cheezy" plus useful lessons, tips.
Anonim01 for being my LOVELY lad and help me a lot with the Bloodborne assets.

Also, a big thanks to FromSoftware for their great game assets. And the game itself.
Again, thanks to Sony Entertainment for made Bloodborne step up to the top of glory. And again, SCREWED them.