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Replaces the whistle sound for a variety of options and removes annoying sounds for a more stealthy approach

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INSTALL: Steam/steamapps/common/Sekiro/mods/sound

As a Tenchu fan, i really liked when Miyazaki implemented again the idea of giving our shinobi an ocarina or flute to distract or imitate voices and animal vibes. So when i heard that whistle sound i wanted to modify it as best as i can:

                  1187 MALCONTENT
                  341-345 AIR IMPULSE-DRAGON RUSH "Swooosh air effects".



Whistle sound from the Finger Whistle and Malcontent  for a more realistic illusion.

 · REMOVES:                  

Stealth/Deathblow sounds
Charge / Unblockable / Grab  warning sounds
Alert sounds (Getting spotted)
Shuriken critical hit
Fake wind effects from jump attacks
Money/Emblem looting


 As a Mortal Kombat X player, i find the frame data and animations in this game are  very VERY well revised. You shouldn't need so much visual/sound help !!

All thanks must go to Dziggy; this mod uses his "Remove Annoying Sounds" base file, and he explained me how to mess with those files, I just searched for a more "illusional" effect for the FingerWhistle and deleted some more sounds while keeping up his great mod. I just felt i had to share it with everyone.

Also highlight that AWESOME costume with mask from  Eyedeability