Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Consume certain items to COSMETICALLY buff your weapons with 8 different styles, lasting 3 minutes.

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Consume certain items to cosmetically buff your weapons with 8 different styles.  They last for 3 minutes.  Nothing but the timer for these items are changed and its cosmetic effects.

Withered Red Gourd - Fire

Mottled Purple Gourd - Divine Confetti's effect

Green Mossy Gourd - Poison

Eel Liver - Thunder

Gokan's Spiritfall - Air

Dousing Powder - Bloody Air

Pacifying Agent - Blood

Ministry Dousing Powder - Dark

------------------------------OLD FILES IGNORE---------------------------------

Infuse your Katana mid-fight with powerful elemental buffs that not only looks cool!  These 5 minutes buffs are easily interchangeable by drinking its corresponding gorge.   Includes: Fire, Terror, Poison, Thunder, and SHURA!

Withered Red Gourd
+20 Fire Damage
Fire-Infused Katana

Mottled Purple Gourd
+20 Magic Damage
Divine-Infused Katana

Green Mossy Gourd
1.25x Posture Damage
Poison-Infused Katana

Eel Liver
+35 Thunder Damage
Thunder-Infused Katana

Ako's Spiritfall
1.3x Total Health
Massive health lose every second
iMa ShUrA

How to Install:

1. Download & Run UXM (It unpacks Sekiro's files)
2. Download Sekiro Mod Engine.  Follow installation instructions. 
2a. Open modengine.ini with Notepad.
2b. Change line "loadUXMFiles=0" to "loadUXMFiles=1"
2c. Save
3. Download & Extract my file
3a. Copy "gameparam.parambnd.dcx" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sekiro\param\gameparam"
4. Enjoy Ingeniously!!