Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Remove loud or annoying sound effects. Also includes a guide on how to make your own custom sound mod, with the option to remove a large selection of additional sound effects.

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There are several variants of this mod available with various combinations of the following features:

  • Remove Deathblow (partial): Removes the loud, jarring part of deathblows.
  • Remove Deathblow (all) and Guard Breaks: Completely removes deathblow and guard break sounds. Removes sound when a ninjutsu technique is used.
  • Remove Enemy Alerted: Removes the sound for when an enemy becomes hostile.
  • Remove Attack Warning: Removes the sound for when an enemy is about to use a strong attack.

More Options

This mod includes the option to remove a lot of other annoying or unnecessary sounds as well. I've uploaded a DIY pack which includes useful resources and an easy-to-follow guide on how to manually remove sound effects. The DIY pack also includes a large list of additional sound effects, which I plan to continue updating in the future. This can be used to easily remove sounds not included in the main files for this mod, create your own custom sound mod, or merge this mod's features with another sound mod.

It's all very simple to do, even if you have no prior modding experience!

Just put extract the .zip archive and move the sound folder into Mod Engine's mods folder.

I appreciate all feedback and will consider all suggestions to help improve this mod as much as I can.
This mod is opted-in to earn donation points. All of my donation points are automatically converted to money donations for Child's Play.