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A small utility to remove frame rate limit, add custom resolutions (21:9 support), change FOV, borderless window mode, display and log K/D (OBS), disable cam auto adjust and various game modifications. Patches game's memory, does not modify any game files, works with every game version, should work with all future updates. Also available on github.

Permissions and credits
See it in action here:

  • does not modify any game files, RAM patches only, works with all game versions
  • G-SYNC and FreeSync support for fullscreen and even in borderless window mode
  • unlock frame rate (remove FPS limit) by setting a new custom limit
  • add a custom resolution, 21:9 widescreen supported (will overwrite the default 1920x1080 / 1280x720 resolution, HUD limited to 16:9)
  • increase or decrease field of view (FOV)
  • set the game to borderless window mode
  • disable camera auto rotate adjustment on movement (intended for mouse users)
  • disable centering of camera (cam reset) on lock-on if there is no target
  • display hidden death/kill counters and optionally log them to file to display in OBS on stream
  • automatically loot enemies
  • game modifications
    • prevent dragonrot from increasing upon death
    • disable death penalties like losing Sen or experience
    • increase spirit emblem capacity on prosthetic upgrades
    • global game speed modifier (increase or decrease)
    • player speed modifier (increase or decrease)
  • automatically patch game on startup
  • seamlessly switch between windowed, borderless and borderless fullscreen
  • hotkey for patching while in (borderless) window mode
  • hotkey for toggling speed modifier while in (borderless) window mode

The following graphical guide has to be done if you want to unlock the game's framerate or play on a higher refresh rate in fullscreen. If you do not wish to use that feature you can scroll down further to the guides on all other features. The graphic setup has to be done only once but as the patcher hot-patches the memory you have to start the patcher every time you want to use any of its features.

The game enforces VSYNC and forces 60 Hz in fullscreen even on 144 Hz monitors so we have to override these.

TL;DR Nvidia: Use Nvidia Control Panel to set 'Vsync' to 'Off' and 'Preferred Refreshrate' to 'Highest available' on a Sekiro Profile. Troubleshoot: delete the (premade) Sekiro profile, add a new profile by stating the full file path to sekiro.exe and try again. If Preferred Refreshrate is missing or game still locks to 60fps see the guide further down on Nvidia Profile Inspector and general troubleshooting.
TL;DR AMD: Use Radeon Settings to set 'Wait for Vertical Refresh' to 'Enhanced Sync' on a Sekiro profile. Start Sekiro in windowed mode and switch to fullscreen once ingame. Troubleshoot: see the guide further down below.

60 Hz monitors: disable VSYNC via driver (use 'Enhanced Sync' on AMD) and use fullscreen, see guide below
high refresh rate monitors: use borderless or force monitor to always use highest available refresh rate and then use fullscreen, see guide below

Follow these steps on Nvidia:
  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Display -> Change resolution
  3. Make sure your monitor is set to the highest Refresh rate possible:
  4. Navigate to 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings
  5. Check if you already have a Sekiro Profile in dropdown and if so DELETE IT
  6. Manually add Sekiro into a clean new profile: Add -> Browse -> Navigate to sekiro.exe and select it
  7. Make sure that there is a file path to Sekiro and that it is indeed correct and you haven't loaded a premade (empty) profile
  8. Set Preferred refresh rate to Highest available
  9. Set Vertical sync to Off
  10. Hit apply and close Nvidia Control Panel
  11. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more and set FPS lock to your desired framerate
  12. Start the game and use fullscreen (144 Hz or 60 Hz Monitors) or borderless window mode (144 Hz Monitors)
  13. These steps will force disable vsync so it won't limit your fps to monitor refresh rate and also force the monitor to ignore the games request to run at 60 Hz if in fullscreen
If you do not have 'Preferred refresh rate' or 'Vertical sync' follow these steps (Nvidia):
  1. Delete the Sekiro Profile in Nvidia Control panel as otherwise it will block all settings from Profile Inspector
  2. Hit apply and close the Nvidia Control panel
  3. Download and extract the Nvidia Inspector
  4. Start the Nvidia Profile Inspector
  5. Check if there already is a profile for Sekiro and if so DELETE IT using the red 'X' button
  6. Press the yellow star icon in the menu bar to create a new Profile (1)
  7. Name it Sekiro and select it in dropdown
  8. Press the blue window icon with the plus symbol to add an application to this profile (2)
  9. Change file type to Application Absolute Path, navigate to your sekiro.exe and select it
  10. Make sure that the file path to the game is correct (3)
  11. Under 2 - Sync and Refresh set Prefered Refreshrate to Highest available and Vertical Sync to Force off
  12. Hit Apply changes and you are good to go (5)
  13. The success rate of these steps depend on your GPU and monitor combination, most will work fine however some (mostly older ones) wont, if your monitor is still locked at 60Hz in fullscreen after this then your only option remaining is to play in windowed mode

Follow these steps on AMD:
  1. Right click on Desktop -> Display settings
  2. Scroll down and click Advanced Display Settings -> Display Adapter Properties
  3. Switch to Monitor tab and make sure your monitor is set to the highest Refresh rate possible:
  4. Open Radeon Settings
  5. Navigate to Gaming -> Sekiro or add it manually if it's missing: Add -> Browse -> Sekiro
  6. Set Wait for Vertical Refresh to Enhanced Sync
  7. Apply and close Radeon Settings
  8. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more and set FPS lock to your desired frame rate
  9. Launch the game in windowed mode, then switch to fullscreen once in game (important!)
  10. The last step is important as AMD somehow does not correctly disable VSYNC otherwise
If you do not have 'Enhanced Sync' follow these steps (AMD):
  1. Try setting Wait for Vertical Refresh to Always off instead:
  2. Be aware however that it seems like AMDs latest drivers are buggy in that regard

To play the game with GSYNC do these additional steps (Nvidia):
  1. Under Nvidia Control Panel navigate to 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> Sekiro
  2. Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC
  3. You can keep Vertical sync on Use the 3D application setting now to help remove frame time stutters (see here)
  4. Make sure that Preferred refresh rate is still set to Highest available
  5. If you do not have Preferred refresh rate or Vertical sync see the guide above on how to use the Nvidia Profile Inspector
  6. Don't forget to Apply and close Nvidia Control Panel
  7. Use a 3rd party frame rate limiter like RTSS and set a frame rate limit just a few fps below your monitor refresh rate, on a 144 Hz Monitor use 138
  8. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more and set FPS lock to your monitors refresh rate
  9. Start the game and set it to Fullscreen
  10. Enjoy perfectly tearing free variable high refresh rates without VSYNC

To add a custom resolution:
  1. Start the game
  2. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more, set you desired resolution and enable it by ticking the check box
  3. Select your custom resolution in the graphical settings (a default resolution like 1920x1080 or 1280x720 will be replaced with the new one)
  4. Be aware that your monitor has to natively support this resolution and the ingame HUD will be limited to 16:9

To use the FOV changer:
  1. Start the game
  2. Load up your save game
  3. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more, set you desired FOV value (can be negative) and enable it by ticking the check box

To use borderless window mode:
  1. Start the game
  2. Go to Settings -> Graphical settings -> Monitor Mode and set it to Windowed
  3. Set your resolution
  4. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more
  5. If you want to use a custom resolution make sure you patch and select it now
  6. Enable borderless window mode
  7. If you want fullscreen borderless enable Fullscreen stretch

To display total death/kill counters in OBS:
  1. Start the game
  2. Load up your save game
  3. Start Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more and enable Log stats check box
  4. In OBS Sources window click '+' and select Text (GDI+) from the list, text properties window will pop up
  5. In text properties window, enable Read from file checkbox and click 'Browse'
  6. Navigate to the folder where Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more executable is located
  7. Select either DeathCounter.txt (only tracks true deaths, excluding revives) or TotalKillsCounter.txt
  8. Customize font style, color and position
  9. To add additional counters repeat steps 4-7

On 'Disable camera auto rotate on movement':
This will completely disable the automatic camera rotation adjustments when you are moving. This is mostly intended for mouse users, enabling it on non-native windows controllers will not work perfectly (some rotation adjustments will be left) and you will temporary lose the ability to slow-tilt (deadzones). Disabling the automatic camera adjustments makes little sense on controllers. If you changed your input device or made a mistake while selecting it simply close the utility, delete the `SekiroFpsUnlockAndMore.xml` file, restart the game and mod.

On 'Disable camera reset on lock-on':
If you press your target lock-on key and no target is in sight the game will reset and center the camera position and disable your input while it's doing so. Ticking this checkbox will remove this behaviour of the game.

On 'Automatically loot enemies':
Enabling this will pick up all loot an enemy drops automatically as long as you are in pick-up range.

On 'Prevent dragonrot increase on death':
This option will remove the effect dragonrot has on NPCs, if an NPC already got dragonrot then it will ensure that their condition won't worsen when you die. The internal dragonrot counter will however keep increasing, nobody will be affected by it though. Keep in mind that there are certain thresholds regarding amount of deaths between dragonrot levels, if you enable this feature and die a level might get skipped so even when you disable it afterwards the dragonrot level for all NPCs will only increase after you have hit the next threshold.

On 'Disable death penalties (except dragonrot)':
Like 'Unseen Aid' you will not lose any Sen or Experience upon death with this option enabled. Dragonrot will not be modified, check the option above to prevent dragonrot from increasing.

On 'Increase spirit emblem cap. on upgrades':
Whenever you upgrade your prosthetic arm the maximum spirit emblem capacity will now be increased by 1 permanently. Deactivating this option will not remove the additional capacity gained by it. With the base 15 capacity and +5 capacity by skills the normal maximal capacity is 20, with this feature enabled you can reach up to 50 max capacity as there are 30 prosthetic upgrades.

On 'Game speed':
Slow down the game to beat a boss like a game journalist or speed it up and become gud. Game speed acts as a global time scale and is used by the game itself to create a dramatic effect in a few cutscenes. All game physics (even opening the menu) will be affected equally: all time-critical windows like dodge and deflect will be proportionally prolonged or shortened while the amount of damage given and taken as well as all other damage physics will be unaltered. A hit from an enemy on 150% game speed will do the exact same damage as on 80%, the deflect window on 50% is exactly twice as long as on 100% and so on. Of course, Sekiro himself will be affected by the speed too so even though a time window might me different now, the speed which you can react on it is different too. Can be toggled by pressing CTRL+M. Be aware that both speed modifications can potentially crash the game in certain cutscenes and NPC interactions so use them with caution.

On 'Player speed':
This modifier enables you to control Sekiro's speed independently from general game speed. Combat physics however are not guaranteed to stay the same on every setting. For example if you increase player speed you will be able to react to an attack faster but your own 'deflect' window is shorter now because you move faster. Use this to explore the world or to keep player speed near normal while altering general game speed. Grappling as well as jumping is handled by game speed while falling damage is calculated based on player speed so take care when grappling to a lower level with a low game speed and high player speed as this could instantly kill you as the game thinks you fell to death. Can be toggled by pressing CTRL+M.Be aware that both speed modifications can potentially crash the game in certain cutscenes and NPC interactions so use them with caution.

  • Utility can't seem to find the game? - Make sure your game exe is called sekiro.exe
  • Make sure you followed the appropriate steps and didn't skip any (especially not the deletion of the Sekiro profile!)
  • Try disabling Fullscreen optimization for Sekiro: right mouse click on sekiro.exe -> Compatibility-> tick 'Disable fullscreen optimizations'
  • If you are using ReShade make sure your preset doesn't enforce 60 Hz, try removing ReShade and see if it solves the problem
  • Try adding the whole game folder and Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more to your antivirus's exclusion list
  • Try disabling Steam Broadcast (streaming via overlay)
  • Try to force disable VSYNC even when you are using GSYNC
  • Close and disable all screen recording and streaming applications
  • Close and disable all overlays
  • Close and disable all performance "booster" programs and alike
  • Do a clean reinstall of your graphic driver:
    • Download latest graphics driver for your GPU
    • Download DDU
    • Disconnect internet so windows update won't auto-install minimal driver as soon as you uninstall them
    • Boot into safe mode
    • Completely uninstall graphics driver and all of their utilities using DDU
    • Reboot
    • Install the latest driver you previously downloaded
    • Reconnect internet


Unlocked frame rate:

Increased FOV, disabled mouse adjustments and 90% game speed:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • administrative privileges (for patching)
  • 64 bit OS

Github page here:

  • Me_TheCat for his contribution to log stats and display them in OBS
  • Cielos for some camera adjustment offsets
  • Zullie the Witch#7202 for game speed and player speed modifier offsets
  • jackfuste for FOV offset and basic running speed fix
  • TyChii93#2376 for AMD and widescreen testing
  • Darius Dan for the icon

  • the game has forced VSYNC so unlocking the frame rate when your monitor has 60Hz will do nothing. You'll have to disable VSYNC in Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings first, see Usage
  • in fullscreen the game forces the monitor to 60 Hz so you'll have to handle this with driver override too, see Usage
  • if your monitor does not support Hz override (Preferred Refreshrate missing and Profile Inspector won't work either) you won't be able to play at a higher refresh rate in fullscreen, play in windowed mode as an alternative
  • your monitor has to natively support your custom resolution otherwise it won't show up correctly
  • if a custom resolution is used it has to be added and selected before enabling borderless window
  • due to how the game renders the HUD is limited to 16:9 even on 21:9 resolutions
  • disabling automatic camera rotation adjustment on movement is intended for mouse users, using it on a non-native windows controller will disable slow-tilting on sticks until the game is restarted
  • Player speed modification needs a loaded save before it can be activated
  • Player and game speed modification can potentially crash the game in certain cutscenes and NPC interactions, use with caution
  • the hotkey won't work if the game runs in exclusive, true fullscreen mode

Version History:
v1.2.5.2 (2020-11-02)
  • updated death penalties code to latest version 1.05
  • added game version 1.05 ( to supported versions
v1.2.5.1 (2020-02-04)
  • added support for windows' high contrast mode (thanks to khvorov45) for pointing it out)
  • focus of the game won't be stolen anymore when OBS and the utility try to write/read the stats log files at the same time
v1.2.5.0 (2019-05-04)
  • added feature to automatically loot enemies
v1.2.4.0 (2019-05-02)
  • added feature to increase spirit emblem capacity on prosthetic upgrades
  • changed way to obtain player kills, fixes slow stats updates
  • improved pattern scan algorithm
v1.2.3.2 (2019-04-26)
  • added game version 1.04 ( to supported versions
  • added hotkey to toggle speed modifiers (CTRL+M)
v1.2.3.1 (2019-04-23)
  • added game version 1.03 ( to supported versions
  • improved pattern scan algorithm
v1.2.3.0 (2019-04-18)
  • Added option to prevent increase of dragonrot upon death
  • Added option to disable Sen and experience penalties upon death
  • Increased maximum custom resolution width to 7680
  • Log files for game stats will be deleted now if option gets disabled
  • Added indicator to notify about game scanning process
  • Added a status indicator depending on active settings ;)
  • Readme inside utility can be collapsed now
  • Fixed an issue with borderless mode on high-dpi screens that used Windows scaling > 100%
  • Fixed an issue with borderless checkboxes upon start
  • Fixed a potential issue with 0 game speed (time freeze)
  • Fixed a minor GUI issue
  • Changed some internal methods
v1.2.2.0 (2019-04-13)
  • FOV can be set to any value between -95% and +95% now
  • Added option to disable camera reset on lock-on if there is no target to lock-on
  • Fixed an issue with custom resolutions on certain system configurations
v1.2.1.0 (2019-04-07)
  • Added an option to disable automatic camera rotation adjust on movement (thanks to Cielos for some offsets)
  • Added +25% FOV option
  • Improved initial load time and patching speed
v1.2.0.0 (2019-04-02)
  • Added stats (kills & deaths for now) with an option to log them to file for display in OBS (thanks to Me_TheCat for his contribution)
  • Player speed modifier will stick between quicktravel now
v1.1.0.1 (2019-03-31)
  • Fixed topmost for borderless
v1.1.0.0 (2019-03-30)
  • Added game speed modifier (thanks to Zullie the Witch#7202 for offset)
  • Added player speed modifier (thanks to Zullie the Witch#7202 for offset)
  • Custom resolution now support displays down to 1280x720
  • Settings are saved and loaded from config file now
  • FOV will now stick even between loads
  • Fixed a potential issue with unlimited frame rate unlock
  • Fixed a potential issue when user tried to enable borderless while in minimized fullscreen
  • Improved initial load time til game is patchable
v1.0.2.0 (2019-03-26)
  • Added option to reduce FOV (request)
  • Added option to stretch borderless window to fullscreen regardless of window resolution
  • Fixed borderless Z-order issue where task bar could be infront of window (thanks to Forkinator for reporting)
  • Fixed resolution issues in borderless (thanks to King Henry V#6946 for reporting)
v1.0.1.0 (2019-03-26)
  • Fixed scaling issue in borderless window mode (thanks to Spacecop42#0947 for reporting)
v1.0.0.0 (2019-03-25)
  • Initial release