Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Reskins of player Genichiro, including, but not limited to, a sparkly clean "prettied up" version, with no burns or scars, and a dramatic grungy Revenant version.

Permissions and credits
Reskins of Genichiro over the player model.

Now with all the required files! If you previously downloaded this pack, you can get the new version, or if you have Zullie's Costume Pack, just put it on top of Genichiro 2.

Includes six variants:
The original Genichiro, minus the blood splatter on his chest and back. Otherwise unedited.
A cleaned up body with no burn marks or scars and original hakama.
A version with a cleaned up chest, but burn marks on his arms.
A version similar to the one above but with darkened hands and fingernails.
A custom version of the one above, with a differently colored hakama and tweaked hair that is fuller, longer, and arguably more luxurious.
A "revenant" version with edited skin tone, eyes, hakama, and tweaked hair.

Requires Katalash's Mod Engine.

After installing the mod engine, copy the folder contents of your desired skin into your Sekiro install directory.

A special thanks to Zullie, who made the original costume pack this was derived from, and who was otherwise utterly instrumental in making this mod happen, even if they don't know it.

Also thanks to MilkmanEX, who helped me put this together and solve all the weird problems this game kept throwing at me.