Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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A new mod about Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, with enhanced boss, new mechanism and better game experience

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Hey, I'm glad you can open this mod
I am摸鱼的心愿SAMA. I often appear in bilibili at present
I am a Chinese player and my English is not very good, so I hope you will forgive me for using translation software
*And because I can't choose Chinese on the website, I chose Japanese as the mod language, but I still want to see friends here choose (简体中文) to play. I only do mod optimization for (简体中文) text*
Here, I want to tell the players who play in the Land of Reeds: Emptiness
First of all, this is the first official version of "The Fog of pilgrimage"
The next update will also continue the update method similar to online games
One version, one theme, and the game cover will be updated accordingly
So if you want to make sure that what you play is the latest, please see the introduction that exists with mod or mod introduction
Then the features of this version
Two unique mechanisms have been added in this version
Bell and Soul Core
The Bell of Ritual Patrol is a big black bell similar to "Ghost of the Bell" that exists on various maps. It can ring and obtain additional props and permanent skills
There are six in total, distributed in a corner of the map waiting for you to explore
The soul core is a transformation mechanism. You can obtain their transformation ability by collecting/defeating rare powerful or elite enemies. After fully unlocking, you will obtain the "Spirit of the Soul Core" tolerance tool. Lock the enemy and release the tolerance tool to trigger the soul core effect
Updated some elite enemies
Updated some rare and powerful "Ghost Punishment Department, Madame Butterfly, Ray Chase" as the key target, but they are not the only ones
There is a new branch line for the extension of the elite war of the Fog Hidden Noble
In the fog, you will often encounter impossible things, and you will also meet some noble people who would not have met to help you
The three original skins have been enhanced
Shura: reduces the maximum HP by 50% and increases your attack power when your HP is less than 50%, which can be superimposed with the Buddha effect
Big dog: will slowly recover life with the wolf's breathing
Old ninja: it is more difficult to be found and the abnormal state slows down
In the end. Since my team and I are still novices, we must have some shortcomings. If you like this mod
Then you can follow us on bilibilibili:
摸鱼的心愿SAMA UID: 33653150
Last孤影众丶  UID: 436916463
Communicate with us. We are looking forward to your letter

PS: Because I can't upload videos on youtube, I write the video link of bilibili here: