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Removes several unnecessary or annoying HUD elements to create a cleaner and more immersive feel.

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This mod is split up into four different modules, so you can choose which parts you do and don't want to use:

  • Enemy Indicators: Removes the icons and meters that show how aware enemies are of the player's presence, and whether or not they're hostile.
  • Vignettes: Removes the black vignette used when the player is hidden, crouched, or wall hugging. Also removes the red vignette used when the player is low on health or on the resurrection screen.
  • Unnecessary Icons: Removes the icons that show interactable objects from a distance (not the interaction prompts when you're right next to them), the auto-save icon, the checkmark showing you've eavesdropped on NPCs (because it shows from a much longer distance than the prompt), and the icon the shows if an item you've picked up went to storage rather than your inventory.
  • Backgrounds: Removes the backgrounds behind certain text and icons to give the HUD a much cleaner and open feel.

Note: Because this mod uses the same file as Katalash's popular Native PS4 Buttons mod (and he was kind enough to allow other modders to use his mod), each variant of this mod includes a version for the default controls and a version for DualShock 4 controls.

Optional Extras

These are all standalone, so one variant of each letter can be used in addition to one of the main variants of the mod, or on their own!

Options Pack A - (Button prompts)
  • A1: Removes the button prompts when wall hugging and ledge climbing. All other button prompts are unchanged.
  • A2: Removes the button prompts when wall hugging and ledge climbing. Also removes the text (but still displays the button icon) for interaction prompts.

Options Pack B - (Smaller texture edits)
  • B1: Smaller target lock-on icon.
  • B2: Smaller grapple icon.
  • B3: Smaller target lock-on and grapple icons.
  • B4: Smaller target lock-on icon and deathblow prompt icons.
  • B5: Smaller target lock-on, grapple, and deathblow prompt icons.

Options Pack C - (Remove additional textures)
  • C1: Removes overlay kanji (Unseen aid, death, shinobi execution, etc)
  • C2: Removes deathblow prompts.
  • C3: Removes overlay kanji and deathblow prompts.
  • C4: Removes deathblow prompts and the icons showing number of deathblows required to defeat an enemy.
  • C5: Removes overlay kanji, deathblow prompts, and the icons showing number of deathblows required to defeat an enemy.

Just put extract the .zip archive and move the menu or msg folder into Mod Engine's mods folder.

I appreciate all feedback and will consider all suggestions to help improve this mod as much as I can.
This mod is opted-in to earn donation points. All of my donation points are automatically converted to money donations for Child's Play.