Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Makes all enemies require deathblows to be finished.

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"Fun" little mod to add an additional challenge to the game - All enemies require a set number of death blows to kill, tough enemies get bonus health bars.

Option to choose how many health bars an enemy has, capped at 255.


Extract the contents of the mod file into your sekiro.exe steam directory.
Set the number of extra health bars using the .INI file


Remove the DINPUT8.dll file from your sekiro.exe steam directory.


Q) There's only 1 health bar for this enemy and it should have more, why?

A) There can only be a maximum of 5 bars visible, any more than this just make it look like one bar, but they're still there.

Q) What about one hit enemies like dogs and lizards?

A) After some feedback, enemies with less than 100 base health don't receive extra health bars, because they're more annoying than challenging. You can edit this value in the .ini file.

Q) The mod doesn't work (dll. ver)

A) It should, providing you're using a regular steam version of the game. If you are and it isn't, or you're not then use the CE version instead.

Q) Is the mod compatible with *insert mod name here*?

A) As long as the other mod doesn't use dinput8.dll, it should be fine. (The author of Mod Engine has very kindly figured out how to make these two mods compatible, see the stickied comment in the "Posts" section of this mod.)

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