Secret of Mana
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Chane the difficulty mod

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If you want to play the game more difficult, mod is for you!

Just read the information file to install the mod and tells you mod changes for the moment.
With examples of normal enemy and boss.

1- First take the rar file and extract the file part then at least make a copy of the game file, which is named ene_data in the AI folder of the program.
Two- Take the Media folder from the mode folder and have it copy and paste to the same folder that is in the folder where your installed game is and then play!
Here is a mod that increases the difficulty of the monsters so closer.
To the version, even if some ennemy have higher score than in the original,
that does not mean that it is so hard that its,
because on computer movement is more equal even seeing for easy some boss.
The version 1.1_

All magic costs One more point in all.
Max MP is 251 at 99 levels !
Change the maximum experience to level 99 from 14 million max.
Change max HP Value =!=
1- Hero 999 to 2350
2- Girl 800 to 1813
3- Fairy 800 to 1714
Version 1.0 _
Info it is
In this version the monsters have for each of the following six attributes a good improvement.
Only easy three formula add for new stats.
All monster some more HP, MP and other stats, but exp and money is down.
The new value use new formula.
Change value for more new nice stats-
1-HP and MP add + 10 and + 100% the new stats for reel new value.
2-STR and SPD add + 2 and + 25% the new stats for reel new value.
3-EXP and Money the half for new value.