Scavenger SV-4
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Changes the colors of the screens in the ship's cockpit from green to cyan. Made for Insane graphics setting, should work for High as well. Now changes the color of the in-game cursors as well.

Permissions and credits
Installation instructions have changed for v2.0. Please make sure you read the installation instructions thoroughly.
I recolored the textures for the ship's cockpit screens to be cyan instead of green. I used the Insane textures as a base but the textures should work for High too.
To install:
1. Extract the archive.
2. Navigate to the game's install folder, then Resources\Textures.
3. Extract or depending on which graphics quality setting you use. Rename the original so you have a backup
4. Copy the mod textures from the extracted mod archive's Resources\Textures folder to the extracted High or Insane folder in the game's folder, replacing the existing textures.
5. Compress the folder into or
6. Copy the cursor2.png and ImageCursor.png files from the extracted mod archive's Resources\Terminal folder to the game's Resources\Terminal folder, replacing the existing textures. (No need to work with compressed folders for this step.) You may want to back up the original cursor2.png and ImageCursor.png files first.

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