Salt and Sanctuary
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About this mod

This is a modding framework for Salt & Sanctuary that adds new features for customizing your gameplay data and experience.

Bug fixes.
Modular effects.
Rebalance with ease using readable sjson text files.
Modify items, magics, creeds and skill trees!

Cosmetic armor slots
Add new items and custom textures

Permissions and credits
This is a modding framework for modders and players alike.

The core concept is to allow data oriented manipulation from easy to edit, text -based JSON files.

Features an exporter that generates json files.
It can also generate randomized maps that can be shared with other users.
Can swap between different mod folders and custom maps.
Custom data, maps, and saves are stored separately for each mod.
Allows adding custom textures for gear and various without deleting original textures.

Please report any bugs or ask questions!

Hope you enjoy tinkering and modding,
- Zephyrus Greene

If you like the mod and want to support this and other works -- donate ($1, $3, or $9) via a 1 month membership at Patreon

Update 7/17/2021
-- Version 3.0.0 test2 (beta test)
-- Bug fixes
-- Includes custom map with twinmetal ring

Update 7/09/2021
-- Version 3.0.0 test1 (beta test expect some bugs)
-- Major polish and file restructuring
-- Code cleanup and bug fixes
-- New GUI ModLoader

Update 5/21/2021
-- Version 2.1.5 released (not longer a test version)
-- Over a dozen bugfixes and export fixes.
-- Runspeed affixes and rules added.

Update 4/5/2021
-- Version 2.1.4 released (no longer alpha)
-- Lots of conversion fixes from vanilla into the mod.
-- Steamworks finally fixed. Candles, bottles, etc are back.

Update 1/25/2021
-- Version 2.1.3 released. Bug fixes and new content (texture list, creed items)
-- Includes rebuilt versions of Ska Studios' CharEdit and MapEdit tools. Quality as-is.

Update: 1/8/2021
-- Version 2.1.0 released. Final content version. Bugs are being worked on as they are reported.

Update: 9/6/2020
-- Version 2.0.0BETA released. Functional, but needs testing and only has minimal exploratory documentation.

Update: 7/14/2019
-- Initial release was lacking a few pieces. I have updated the content of the package. I also added a very simple demo_mod and flips-patcher itself.