Salt and Sanctuary
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Weapon/equipment rebalance and quality of life improvement mod.

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This is a weapon/equipment rebalance, and quality of life improvement mod.
Can start as Stone Roots, and Keepers of Fire and Sky creeds.
Greatly increased all vendor inventories so gold has more of a use.
More rings, and amulets sold by merchants, mages, and priests. 
Gray Pearls, and all crafting material sold by NPC merchants.
Reduce costs of Red Shard, Bell of Return, Potato, Ammo, and Salt Items.
The Three, and The Iron Ones sell all low level weapons at base devotion.
The Iron Ones blacksmiths sell more high tier weapons.
The Stone Roots blacksmiths sell poison weapons.
The Three blacksmiths sell fire, and lightning elemental weapons.
Davara's Light blacksmiths sell holy weapons.
Order of the Betrayer blacksmiths sell arcane weapons.
Keepers of Fire and Sky sell all elemental, and arcane weapons.
Clay Mask sold by the 2 magic creeds.
Axes, Whips, Greataxes, Bows, Crossbows, Wands, and some slow hitting weapons got a damage boost.
Reduced weights on spears, bows, crossbows, guns, wands, and a few other weapons.
Faith builds are more viable, and can craft your first holy weapon at the first alchemist or buy from Devara blacksmith at higher devotion.
Switched around strength/dexterity scaling on some of the duel stat scaling weapons.
Pessklaw, and Eviscerator swing faster.
Lowlander's Greatknife swings faster, has hp leech, higher base damage, and less dexterity scaling.
Branding Iron, and Shikeimaru require Sword1, and Magic User4.
Leviathan swings at normal speed.
Morning Star loses Extra Blades.
Harmen Mace is a holy weapon now, and loses Extra Blades.
Tetruncheon loses Extra Blades.
Venom Arbelos swings at normal speed.
Kraekan Axe has Poise.
Axe of Splendor swings faster.
Poleaxes do all blunt damage except for Naginata.
Guardsman's Halberd swings at normal speed.
Naginata swings faster.
Pitchfork, and Breach Pike do all blunt damage.
Overlord's Bident swings faster.
War Scythe swings faster.
Red Eclipse is an arcane weapon now, and is Extra Blunt.
Rusted Greatladle is 100% blunt damage now, requires Armor Guardian Ashes.
Purifer fixed strength, wisdom scaling issues, requires Prayer2 now.
Gravedigger is all slash damage, with slight damage boost.
Saltreaver swings at normal speed.
Blade of Envy swings at normal speed, and has poise.
Monstrous Mace is a holy weapon, and swings at normal speed.
Coveted swings at normal speed.
Castaway's Greataxe swing faster.
Fern quest reward Outlaw Greataxe replaced with Naginata.
Arcane Weapon requires only skill 1 in Magic.
Priests sells all prayers now.
Mages sell all fire, and lightning spells/incantations.
Devine Armor for sale after beating Kraekan Cyclops, still sold at normal devotion level as well.
Ethereal Intervention for sale after beating Dried King, still sold at normal devotion level as well.
Davara's Light priest sell some prayers at lower devotion.
Keepers of Fire and Sky sell both poison spells, and arcane magic at devotion 7.
Dragonfire for sale after beating Dried King, still sold at normal devotion level as well.
Lowered equipment weight of all armors, and shields.
Increased heavy armor defenses.
Added a few abilities to a few pieces of gear.
Beggar's set gets willpower bonus.
Rogue, and Assassin sets give dex bonus to balance out the 2 handed strength bonus weapons get.
Added abilities to item descriptions.
Added Gray Pearls, Crystal Spheres, Stone NPCs, and all upgrade transmutation materials to drop tables.
Reduced transmutation class 5 weapons to 60000 salt.