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New class node effects, a couple map changes, and all sorts of changes to items.

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This is a balance overhaul mod made with Desalinated, though one that ended up making the game a fair bit easier. Dex scaling weapons now get bonus damage from being two-handed, most rings and a few charms have been buffed, some of which now have completely different effects, and shields now all have full immunity to physical damage. Speaking of that, resistances to strike and slash have been averaged between each other, for both player armors and enemy defenses, since I thought it was a pain needing to worry about that.

Salt consumables now give 5 times as much salt and have 4 times the gold value, too, so that it's more significant to find them.

Most defense rings are twice as strong, though the vile vines ring now gives 500 poison resistance, and the defender's ring give resistance to slash damage as well. The dancing ring now raises movement speed a bit instead.

The twinmetal ring and band of the humble are both obtainable now, with the former being with the flanged mace next to the Bandit's Pass sanctuary, and the latter replacing the ring of brilliance, which can now be bought from any sanctuary merchant. The sparkling ring actually has an effect now, too.

The saltseeker's ring has been repurposed, since i'm pretty sure no one ever used the thing anyway. It is now called the challenger's ring, and can be found with the newly implemented cursed charm to the left of the starting point on Shivering Shore, a little way out of view. Are you a bad enough dude to do a playthrough with them?

I bet when you first got the overlord set, you were pretty disappointed. All that work for armor that might not even be as good as what you already have. Not any more. Now it has the highest defenses of all other armor sets, it weighs a bit less, and each piece gives fairly substantial buffs based on the effects of certain rings and charms, which will also stack with the items their effects are based on, though you probably won't keep using them at that point.

Most enemies in Festering Banquet will now drop stone npcs, and saltless can drop crystal spheres, so changing creeds wont be as much of a pain. Of course, you probably wont have to any more, since you can now pick Stone Roots, Keepers of Fire and Sky, or House of Splendor as your starting creeds as well! Not Order of the Betrayer, though, since not being able to max out devotion in one run doesn't sit right with me. If changing the ranking requirements ever becomes possible, i'll make it only require 6 expunged hearts, just enough to max devotion if you expunge every already claimed sanctuary.

Class nodes on the skill tree are now almost completely different; instead of raising stats, they each now give a small, permanent bonus effect, unique to each set of nodes for each class. You can even get regeneration of health and focus, though they are very slow.

And, one last thing; you can't skip Sodden Knight any more. Try it, I dare you. He'll also show up again at the end of the game, just before Nameless God, in a brand new arena. Not like he'll have much of a chance against you at that point.


1. Install Desalinated v2.1.5c
2. Download this mod
3. Merge map folder with your current one (Maybe back up the original first)
4. Put Remix folder into your mods folder
5. Edit modconfig.ini so the second line says "modname = Remix"

If you want to check if it's fully working, it should say Remix in the bottom right on the main menu, and there should be an item to the left on Shivering Shore.

As soon as a stable release of Desalinated 3.0.0 is out, i'll get to work on updating this for it, though it might take a while.