Salt and Sanctuary
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Balance and quality of life improvement mod.

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This is mostly a dexterity balancing and quality of life improvement mod. Requires Desalinated framework. Just copy the files over to use.
Starts with Claymore and Relentless Ring.
Starts with Channeler1, Scrimshaw Cane, and Arcane Weapon.
Starts with Warhammer, Outlaw Greataxe, Relentless Ring, Blessed Weapon, Heavy Mace Fighter1, and Prayer1.
Starts with Haymaker, Flintlock Pistol, Ammo, Pikeman1, and Marksman1.
Starts with Oar.
Starts with Bow, and Arrows.
Can start as Stone Roots, and Keepers of Fire and Sky creeds.
Keepers of Fire and Sky sells both poison spells.
The Three, Iron Ones sell all low level weapons at base devotion.
All merchants sell all salt items at base devotion.
Lowered equipment weight of all armors.
Increased heavy chest piece strike, and slash defenses.
Adds hidden abilities to item descriptions for vanilla items.
Added more rings to vendors.
Clay Mask sold by the 2 magic creeds.
Added a few abilities to a few pieces of gear.
Reduce cost of ammos.
Reduce costs of some of the magics.
Blessed, Arcane Weapon require only skill 1 in Magic/Prayer
Increase drop rate for Kismet Ring.
Lowered equipment weight of all shields
All dexterity weapons have a 2 handed bonus like strength weapons do.
Rebalanced daggers to be one of the better weapons in the game, do variable damage now.
Buffed HP, MP leech on weapons.
Buffed poison weapons.
Rusted Greatladle is 100% blunt damage now, requires Armor Guardian Ashes.
Damage buff to some weapons with lower attack speed.
Reduced transmutation class 5 weapons to 50000 salt.
Added new arcane dagger, tri elemental dagger, and arcane reaper weapons.
Increased monster drop rates.
Added Gray Pearls, Crystal Spheres, Stone NPCs, and all upgrade transmutation materials to drop tables.
Reduced poison resistances for monsters, bosses so poison builds are more viable.
A few boss resistances nerfed.
Added a vanilla non Desalinated version of the mod.