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Makes combat sounds feel deeper, adding flesh-rending and metal rings to the mix.

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I like S&S sound for the most part, and it's certainly a lot better than the average 'dink' metal sound a lot of games have. But I still prefer mine honestly.

This completely changes combat sounds, swing and hit effects for daggers, spears, greatswords, hammers, everything.

(I apologize for the poor video quality. My machine isn't exactly the best, and the sounds aren't nearly as crisp as they are in-game. So if that is what's putting you off, go ahead and try it. They aren't as fuzzy in-game.)

Updated the video. Should be a bit cleaner now.

Installation is pretty simple. Backup your 'sfx' folder first of all. Your S&S folder should be here. (Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Salt_and_sancuary) Inside that, there should be the path (Salt_and_sanctuary\content\sfx\sfx). Backup the second 'sfx' folder.

Then just copy the 'content' folder from the mod over the one already there, and the sounds should play.