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Restore nut stomp animation

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Original uploaded by ThatsMe on as Melee Overhaul, I tweak a bit and switch between the shotgun and rifle nut stomp animation since it sync with female character idle stand better this way, I also removed the new combos and the overpower neck break from behind move.

If you prefer the original Melee Overhaul, you can get it here:

To perform a nut stomp, you must be in front or beside a npc and move forward then press nut attack key (F by default), if you standstill and use the nut attack key the playa will just use the vanilla move, works on most weapons except dual pistols/SMGs, RPG and melee weapons.

To install it just drop the xtbl file into Saints Row the Third main folder where SaintsRowTheThird.exe and SaintsRowTheThird_DX11.exe is