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New campain with 12 missions. Epic story about reborn God of Light.

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The Way of Light by ARHIZ
Version: 1.0
Unzip the files to Sacrifice/maps/Scenario. To start new game choose: Single player, Scenario. Create new character and choose "The Way of Light -  Prologue".
The story takes place several hundred years after the events of the main campaign. All gods were reborn and there is relative peace. Your character is lesser, barely known mage. Suggested name is all other than of other than any character name in the game [including Eldred]. Suggested playing after main campain. 
It's should work with any language version, but campain is in English. For new PCs dgVoodo is highly recomanded, you can download this here: 

Known bugs:
In Land of Thousands Temples [interludium, chapter 6 and chapter 12], when you back to main altar from a distant place, game can crush when main altar will be in field of view. I can't fix this. When you want back to main altar, use teleport spell. Try not look of main altar side and oftem saving the game. 

Thanks to:
Topielica for support and linguistic proofreading,
Kolos for testing old version of this mod,
Turbo for noticing a bug with game instability.

Did you find any errors? Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe you like the mod?  
My e-mail: 
[email protected]