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More enemies, tougher elite troops, a more pronounced difficulty scale -- and boosted rewards!

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Sacred 2 Survival Mod by steinerrr

The purpose of the mod is to make combat tougher as the world of sacred is just too nice with players, especially compared to Sacred 1. I was looking to bring back that intense original Sacred feel into the nice graphical engine of Sacred II.

    Sacred 2 Gold + Community Patch 1.60, or
    Sacred 2 Ice & Blood + Community Patch 1.60

What it does:

  1. More enemies - enemy populations on maps are boosted 2.5x 3x on average, respawn times 3x slower to compensate.
  2. Tougher Elite troops. Most Elite enemies are substantially tougher combatants, doing more damage and having much better chance at actually hitting the players, especially higher-level ones.
  3. Slightly boosted bosses. Boss-grade enemies are slightly boosted in their fighting capability (around 20% overall) and they also are more accurate in their attacks and are more capable of actually hitting the players.
  4. Boosted rewards - to compensate for the increase Bosses and Elite enemies will drop 50% more items and gold and will provide 100% more experience. Additionally, there is some more variety and more stuff to purchase from vendors compared to vanilla, even if you don't have the trading skill.
  5. More pronounced difficulty scale. Enemies scale somewhat higher in difficulty as you progress along the quest line. Expect tougher resistance in endgame regions of Ancaria, while starter regions are pretty much vanilla but for the numbers.

All in all common sense was observed at all times while making this mod. Enemies that look scary and tough are badass, but dont expect to be ripped up by rats or small desert bugs, they are still nice, fluffy and vanilla.

It will not affect savegame compatibility, characters or equipment in any way if you are using only the Community Patch and can be harmlessly switched on and off.

The 1.60 version of the mod is set up to be compatible with the Generic Mod Enabler (GME). Get it free at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml
  1.  Install the GME into your Sacred 2 root folder and run it once.
  2.  Place the "Survival for Community Patch 0160" folder into the MODS folder created by the GME.
  3.  Use the GME to activate and deactivate this mod as you wish.