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This tool will center Sacred's window and lock the mouse cursor inside it, so you don't have to worry about going out of bounds while moving the mouse in-game.

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Sacred Window and Cursor Locker

This is a tool I made for Sacred and Diablo II to be able play them in windowed mode without any hassles.
It's very simple, what this program will do while it's running is detect the window of the game, it will then
center the window, lock it in place, and also resize it if the user wishes to do so, but most importantly it 
will actively restrict the mouse cursor's boundaries, it will always keep it inside of the game's Window. This 
is very important, because it will allow you to move the mouse as quick and aggressively as you want 
without having to worry about clicking outside the game's window, and it will stop you from accidentally 
moving or resizing the window which can happen when you click the window's borders.

The main reason why you might want to play these types of games in windowed mode is because they typically
have hard-coded resolutions and they can become really distorted in full-screen. Also because you sometimes
cannot record them in full-screen (they use old libraries like glide, or DirectX pre-9).


1) Run Sacred in Windowed Mode. (this can be configured from its launcher, find the "Config.exe" inside sacred
install path)
2) Run this tool.
3) Once you close the game, the tool will stop working automatically.

* This tool will ONLY work with Sacred / Underworld / Gold, in WINDOWED MODE (that's the main point)


You're not allowed to distribute this software without previous authorization. No modifications to the 
given software are permitted, if you have any ideas or hints on how to enhance this tool, please PM
me at
Please, adhere to these terms to help free software like this never die, without your help and support 
free software development would never be possible.

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