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An attempt to make the Nine-Tailed Fox look better.

Permissions and credits
Now included within RF5 Less Compressed Textures from version 1.2.5 onward.

I. General

Inspired by notrustk's RF5 Less Compressed Textures mod, this attempts to reduce the compression artifacts present on the Nine-Tailed Fox.

The reason why there are two versions of this mod is because the first one has had its resolution doubled as the graphical improvement is noticeable over the second which is the same as the original texture's resolution. Textures were reimported as BC7.

Screenshots are of the x2 version of the mod.

II. Installation

Drag 3c72a1c3b8986f1ea5a711a7404369fe.bundle and 296b0f773684a22a0b46f44c3c6749de.bundle into your Rune Factory 5\Rune
Factory 5_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64 folder and
overwrite the old ones.
Only install one version of the mod. If you install both, only the one you installed last will be applied.

III. Compatibility/Incompatibility

Incompatible with any other mod that modifies 3c72a1c3b8986f1ea5a711a7404369fe.bundle or 296b0f773684a22a0b46f44c3c6749de.bundle.

IV. Tools this would've been impossible without:

UnityAssetStudio, UABEA, GIMP, RF5-Research's Grimoire, cjwbw's rudalle-sr