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Ever thought that the current dash speed is slow as heck? This mod changes the dash speed to be as fast, if not faster, than the running speed! Now you can dash all over town like in past Rune Factory games.

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Ever felt like the default dash speed is horribly slow? Do you miss dashing around town to get everywhere you wanted like in past Rune Factory games? Well, with this mod, you can!

This is a quick bundle change mod that changes the dash speed so it isn't so horribly slow. I included a version where it's as fast as the running speed, and another that's slightly faster than the running speed (if you kept spamming the dash button, that is).

This mod also does not alter the invincibility/perfect dodge frame time in any way, shape or form. It just increases the distance

This mod is incompatible with RaizuX's Difficulty ChangesLonger/Shorter Days, and any other mod that edits the "382aa2501e16ef256258fc102a8fcea5.bundle" file.

However, included in the mod file is a step by step readme.txt on how to edit the bundle files so you can use this mod with the Difficulty Changes and Longer/Shorter Days mod. For other mods that edit the same bundle file, you will need to ask the mod creator on how they edited their .bundle file. If you ever have any questions on how to do so, or if the guide was unclear, don't hesitate to contact me.