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Updated character portrait as well as all the 3D sprites to remove the unfortunate chain on Frey.

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This mod includes portrait and sprite updates to remove the unfortunate chain that Frey's default outfit includes.

For the portrait, I recolored (reshaped) and used the male's chest plate.

There are two versions of the sprite updates. There is the chainless version where all sprite colors are maintained but the chain is removed. The other updates are the recolored sprites where the sprite coloring has been changed.

- Extract the downloaded mod folder
- Navigate to Rune Factory 4 Special's Bundle folder (commonly found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rune Factory 4 Special\Bundle)
- If you want original sprite colors, copy the contents of Chainless Sprites into the Bundle folder
- If you want the recolored sprites, copy the contents of Recolored Chainless Sprites into the Bundle folder
- If you want to use an updated player portrait, find the color of your choice in Updated Player Portraits and copy the contents of the color folder into the Bundle folder
- There is a README file that can be used to determine which file is what. If you want only certain edits you can mix and match using that as a reference. 
- Launch the game and the mods should just work.


- This mod should be compatible with all mods that do not edit Frey's portrait or 3D sprites.
- If you were using a mod that swapped the character gender, then all used files will need to be renamed to indicate the other character gender. The included README file should include what the equivalent filename would be for the opposite gender.

Thanks & Modding for yourself

- Thanks to RoachesAreGross and their Alternate Frey Outfit for sharing how to access the portrait files
- Thanks to Knedel and their Edited Frey Model for sharing how to access the model files