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Replaces Frey's portrait and models with a Lin Fa recolor (mashup with Frey's face and bangs). Also includes a recolor of both portraits and models of Frey's secondary outfits (pajamas, swimsuit, bath and wedding outfits).

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This mod updates all of Frey's portrait artwork and player models for her primary outfits. This includes the default outfit, wedding dress, bathing suit and pajamas.  

Frey's default outfit is replaced with a customized recolor of Lin Fa's artwork combined with some aspects of Frey's original artwork (bangs, eyes). Frey's primary sprite is replaced with a similarly recolored Lin Fa model.

Frey's player model for any outfits that do not have portrait artwork in the game (i.e., additional outfits from the clothing shop outside of her main ones) have not been altered, so she still has green hair. I will add those eventually, although I don't ever use those since I like the portrait art to match. 

 This should be perfectly safe to remove/add mid-game. I am still playing through the game on steam, so I have not yet been able to test the wedding model - if there are any problems, please let me know! 

Place the extracted folder  into the Bundle folder where your game is installed.