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A mod that adds new ingredient recipes to the game, as well as some other miscellaneous changes.

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This is the test mod I made as a Proof of concept for Rune Factory 4 back in the 3DS days, Curiously enough, it also works on the PC version, by following the install instructions.


Added new recipes for:
- Recipe Bread+,
- Most groceries (rice, flour, oil, curry powder, wine)
- Mixed herbs, heavy spice, sour drop and sweet powder
- Greenifier +, formula B and C
- Scrap Metal + and Cheap cloth
- Seeds from vegetables and wetter powder (tree seeds require 4 of the fruit instead of just 1)

Changed recipes for:
- Recovery potion (using Medicinal herb only)
- Stew (use any milk)
- Donut (use any egg)

Changed item use for:
- Great Emery flower (full HP/RP recovery and increased max HP/RP)
- Intelligencier, Protein, and Vital Gummy now give 5 stat increase instead of 1
- Heart drink now gives 50 max hp increase instead of 10
- Prelude to Love now increases max HP/RP by 50% and decreases vit by 7%

Changed crops:
- Grass now gives 3 pieces of fodder per harvest
- Yam regrows after harvest
- Corn regrows after harvest, and produces 3 corn per harvest
- All crystal flowers regrow after harvest, taking the same time to regrow as from stage 3 to 4
- Four Leaf clovers grow 5 pieces instead of 4, and regrow after 7 days.
- Emery flower regrows 30 days after harvest, and produces 5 flowers instead of 3.

Changed item strengthening:
- All ores raise the same attack as they did defense
- All Gems raise Magic attack as they did Magic defense
- Dragonic stone raises Atk, Def, MAtk and MDef
- Great emery flower raises 100 Atk, Def, MAtk and MDef, 80 Str, Vit and Int, and gives a 12.5 crit bonus.

Changed Monsters
- Green, Red, Yellow and Blue produce their respective cores in captivity, with a rare chance of appearing.

Installation instructions:
Download the zip file containing the mod.
- Place the files from the Bundle folder in the zip file into <installFolder>\Bundle (IE: <SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\Rune Factory 4 Special\Bundle)