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Uncover the long lost history of the Twin Hearts

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MV Version Final Release
The VXAce version will not be updated further. This is the final release of the MV version. Hopefully. The wife uncovered some bugs while playing through in order to get a save game for Volume 2's early early early alpha playtest. None of these were necessarily game-breaking (i.e, they could be avoided without impacting the playthrough in a major way), but I did get them squashed. Her playthrough is still in progress, so it's quite possible we'll see at least one more bugfix release. These fixes should not affect savegames already in progress - just download, copy your saves to the new version, pick up and play!

The Game:

Join Xarien DeMont as he travels through the world of Callusia on a quest to uncover the long lost history of its once-dead heroes, monstrous villains, fabled usurpers, reluctant deities and troubled people. The six islands of Arreh, Westrel, Kjell, Oko, Latruvium and Zaahir await, each with a different horror afflicting their citizens. The fight is already on, but the real battle won't begin until the truth of the Twin Hearts is discovered...

The Players:

Xarien DeMont, a 4th class mage of the Arcane Institute currently wrapping up summer vacation and preparing to head back to school for initiation into the 3rd class when he receives a special assignment from the head of the Institute, the Magus Primus.

Sasaki Kei, an Okona soldier who left behind his life on Oko to seek refuge on Arreh, will join Xarien and together they'll travel across the island in search of answers that lie hidden deep in their world's past.

Supporting Cast:

Verutan Descroix, a warrior priest from a time long past, will be seen here. His role is is great in the past and the present, but ancient magic prevents him from leaving his post.

Father Adan Kirio, a priest of the Church of Dreams. Kindly and wise, he will be an ally of Xarien's...if he stays on a righteous path.

Ranhath Killian, Magus Primus of the Arcane Institute. It is from him that Xarien receives his assignment, and to him that Xarien must report. As the Institute's Primus, he is the most powerful mage in the world but if the darkness prevails his powers will be as nothing.

Khalaal al-Abala, a Zaahiri nomad, bore witness to the rise of the darkness in the Dread Wastes. He'll tell his story to anyone willing to listen.

Aisri Jurulfsdottir, a Kjellite huntress. She is one of the few who have seen the troubles that plague her homeland and retained sanity.

Culea Ambrose of Westrel is looking for work. Unfortunately, Xarien isn't offering anything she's interested in.

Geminius Vitello, former Imperator of Darius' legions in Latruvium, is raising a legion of his own. The land of his birth is calling, but Geminius will only answer with violence.

And many more...

The World:

Callusia is a world comprised of six islands, each with its own distinct culture.
Arreh, the starting island, is where people from all over the world call home, even more so as a hub for refugees fleeing the troubles in their own nations. Actions here will set the stage for the rest of the game.

Westrel, the 2nd island, is where the wealthy wield their influence when they're not enjoying fun in the sun in Port Crescent or the Edgewater resort town. As the seat of power for the world's religious as well as the home of magical instruction, the capacity for corruption is almost endless. Lately though, something strange has been going on in the mountain community of Pineridge...

Kjell, the 3rd island, is where some of the greatest warriors of Callusia's history have hailed from. A hardy people forged in the frozen tundra that makes up their home, they have long prided themselves on their ability to fight. Unknown to all but a few, this icy nation hides a secret that stretches long past Callusia's earliest recorded history.

Oko, the 4th island, feudal home of the samurai and ruled with an iron fist by Shogun Kawashi Ito. Much of Callusia's earliest history is preserved here, but Kawashi guards it jealously. When the darkness visited the Okona, restless spirits began to assail the living, and the key to bringing peace to this land will lie in putting them, along with the dark power that raised them, to rest for good.

Latruvium, the 5th island, home to the mightiest military force in the world, ruled by Dominus Darius Lucius. Oko's closest neighbor and oldest partner, the recent troubles throughout the world and in their own lands have brought these former allies to the brink of war.

Zaahir is the final island, a desert waste populated by tribes of nomads and ruled from the great walled city of Abala by Emir Modatta al-Sayeed. It is the catalyst for the troubles and the dangers there will be the greatest Xarien will face, from the walking dead to the root of the darkness itself.

Each of these islands has a unique problem to solve, but the key to solving the troubles of today lies in uncovering a shrouded past.

The WHOLE island of Arreh:
12 exterior maps including 1 major town, 1 minor town, 1 small village and 1 large marketplace
43 interior maps including 3 caves, 1 old keep, many homes, shops and other buildings
Wandering enemies, no random encounters
7 side quests of varying lengths

A visit to the island of Oko:
14 maps to see while exploring Sasaki's backstory, with much more to come during the pair's inevitable visit to the island.

A basic karma system that will determine which of the final 2 side quests you'll be allowed to tackle. Will also determine the ultimate ending of the story (but that's several volumes away still)
A quest journal with step by step instructions for each quest in the game
A crafting system that enables you to make your own spells and potions
Stat point distribution on level up
Around 2-3 hours of play from start to finish including side quests and miscellaneous tidbits with the denizens of Arreh, especially if you do everything and talk to everyone, highly recommended especially if you wish to see Sasaki's story.


Lunarea's Furniture
Celianna's Inner Tiles
Mack's original tileset
Inquisitor's RMXP exterior tiles
Recife's bloody tiles with Rainbow Jello's recolors/additions
Pirate Ship Tiles [Copyright](C) 2015 ENTERBRAIN, INC; 
                               creator: Sherman3D

EB's Materials for VX: Samurai
EB's RPG XP Remastered OST

Momope's bloody downed charsets

Rajawali's anaconda charset

Bitter Sweet's Samurai Classics music pack

Zalerinian/Ramiro/Hudell/Dekita's MVCommons

Khas's Core Plugin and Advanced Graphics

Syzu's Crafting

Kino's KRBook plugin

Alistair's Stat Point Distribution System

Victor Sant's Basic Module and Fog Overlay

Hime's Enemy Reinforcements

Gamestailer94's Quest System

Yanfly's Region Battlebacks, Main Menu Manager, Message Core, Battle Engine Core, Animated SV Battlers and Action Sequence packs

Event Detectors and Custom Title