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A big old ship interior in which to seek out and extinguish fires.

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It's a big, fully playable ship layout that I will be updating as time goes by. Most of the important rooms are decorated.

NB: This layout only works with the vanilla ship model; using the ship model from Fancy Ships will produce some funky effects, like making the aft observation lounge into an aftcastle. I am working on a version for Fancy Ships because it's got a better base layout and it'll let me double the width of engineering, but that'll be a while away.

For full effect, I recommend you rename the Syvatoslav.egi file "DefaultMap" and place it in \Rodina\Data\Interiors (backing up the original DefaultMap.egi), and then start a new game. 

I'd be humbled and grateful if anyone could submit a brief report of glitches and ugly bits they find, to help me get around to fixing them.

*UPDATED* reduced the size of the mess and medbay, added some more rooms etc here and there, improved the bridge setup.